Hog women not in committee's top 16

SoCar (1), A&M (2), Georgia (3), Tennessee and Kentucky (4s) made it into the top 16 announced tonight. UConn is the #1 seed, and we know what happened to them in BWA. The committee chair said the Hogs and several other teams were considered for top 16 but didn’t make the cut.

I guarantee not one of those teams, or UConn, for that matter, look forward to playing us again if we are hitting our 3’s. IMO, we got screwed twice against A&M. It’s water under the bridge now. Just like the men, keep winning, and it will all take care of itself.

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Yea not surprised here. Just keep up the good work Ladies and CMN. We hog fans know what you can do.


Speaking of teams we beat, Baylor was a 3 seed. They don’t want to play us again either.

Women are 23rd in NET, 5-7 against Q1 opponents. Turns out all three of the teams they played in that season opening deal in Florida are now Q1, and we won two. Plus UConn and Baylor. The other Q1 win was at Misery. No losses outside Q1 at all.

My guess is that our NET is a tiny bit low because of (a) seven losses and (b) when we win we tend not to blow people out, especially in SEC play. We’re 64th in scoring margin (men are 25th by comparison).

The whistle and the SEC conference office kept the hogs from beating A&M twice! Dungee was mugged on the last second shot on the hill and you can take your pick on the rematch at College Station where they allowed the Aggies to rebound over the back, walk, charge and call it a Block. The winning lay for a guard to leave the free throw line and get to the hole for a layup on 1 dribble going between 2 players how is that not a walk?
The top 16 seeds answer that question for you!

Maybe we’ll get the Aggies in the SECT with better refs. Or deep in the NCAAT (which is deep in the heart of Texass).

I hope so!

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