Hog thoughts from afar with a Bama flavor

This weekend, was footballing at one of those academic universities and keeping up with the score from afar. We would check our phones, expecting something like 24-7 at half, but with Arkansas on top. In faraway places, Arkansas people find each other, and we all did last night.

A consensus emerged from our displaced band of hogs. No dispute this is not the right coach. No dispute this is the worst football Arkansas has ever had. Talks about how Bielema took a good team he built and drove it into the drunk tank. Wondering why our collective fanbase ever wanted to run off Hatfield and Nutt.

And hope that we will find the right guy who can turn this nightmare around.

There was a Bama fan who wandered into our midst. He said our Administration has destroyed Arkansas football. That Arkansas still has any donors is shocking to him; Bama would not tolerate this level of incompetence.

He left, and we all agreed it was easy for him to say with Nick Saban running their show.

One of the best things about Razorback football, it brings people and friends together in good times and bad.