I am not sure who will get the “senior MVP” award for the season…(if they give such a thing) I suspect it will either be Ty or one of our two LB’ers. But for my money its that Dane freak-of-the-week of ours. If you watch him consistently he’s been a stud this year…on a line that offered him little assistance.

I don’t know if Ty walked, but he’s just a junior who has graduated. I like the Great Dane as well. Greenlaw hasn’t played enough in my book for the whole year, but he had a great game tonight with 12 tackles. Harris had 12, too, and Santos had 10.

Not disputing your choice, but think Watts has been a mainstay on the D-line.

He’s certainly most improved, and I thought about him after my post. Couldn’t go wrong with either Froholdt or him.

Wish we had a lot more of the Dane and Watts

Did you ever think you would be saying that before the season started?

Who will be the most improved guys next season?

I’ll go with Bumper Pool, Michael Woods, Joe Foucha and Myles Mason and some of the young lineman.