Hog scrimmage

Noticed a few things watching the Hog scrimmage:

–We missed Stromberg and Dalton
–Nothing against AJ Green, but he didn’t run with his eyes the way I’d hoped he would today. Rocket is clearly the best we have til Dom is back. They will be 1 and 1A I suspect.
–Wow there were alot of drops once we got into the 2’s and 3’s.
–Linebacker core and secondary looks fantastic. You wanna be strong up the middle? Give me Bumper and Sanders at LB and Cat at middle safety. Wow.

more later…


Lots of drops, but it looked like some of the passes were a bit off too. Especially on crossing routes.

I thought that Manuel, the times I watched him, had pretty good feet for a huge guy…Sanders was all over the place and Dubinion looked real good for a true freshman…

The running back group is really deep. The true freshman Dubinion looks quite capable of moving up the depth chart to be the 3rd RB. The competition for carries behind Rocket and a healthy Johnson is going to be intense. I would not be surprised to see somebody go into the portal.

Sanders can play at LB. I think Pooh Paul is going to be good there too, he just needs reps.

IMO AJ didn’t have a run where he could do anything more than he did…way too many drops for sure…got to get better there.
Need some more size on DL.I was impressed with Crawford I think he can help us on the OL

so we are beginning the season with a smallish DL?

I don’t think we have a 300 LB DL so we are not big like some teams especially when you’re bread and butter D is a 3 man front with a NG.3 man front can be ok if you have a NG that demands a double team.

Isaiah Nichols is, and Cam Ball. Taurean Carter and Marcus Miller are at that mark or around it. It’s not a small group. Just not super deep there.


Yeah 300 lb is not a small man but when you consider some NG’S are 330 that’s quite a bit of difference. Ridgeway was the prototypical size for NG IMO

I thought I’d read where early in our practices that the off-season program had produced right-sized SEC DL who were stronger than last year. It was to be quite a relief over our recent past. And now we are undersized? Oh thit!!

If Taurean Carter turns out to be OK after his injury early today, I’m personally not going to be worried about the D-line a bit. Got a shot to be strong there.


Size doesn’t always mean you can’t be great on the DL Aaron Donald is the most dominating DL in the NFL and he’s probably 290 lb. I have heard good reports on Carter and Nichols so we will just have to see how they do.


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