Hog rivals—Texas and Ole Miss?

I hate ole miss worse than texas

We got to go home afterward. They have to stay in that third world state,

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I hate Texas more but I was raised to hate Texas college sports and living there as a Hog fan didn’t help either.

Our social media trolled them last year after our win.

To the victor, the spoils.


That’s how it is these days. I don’t like it, but it’s not my world anymore.


Rivals and hate have different meanings to me. I am glad when Texas loses to whoever. I don’t feel the same for Ole Miss even though they are our rival. I do hope we continue play both every year when Texas and Oklahoma join the SEC which I don’t anticipate happening until 2024.

Most definitely.

Rivals in order( to me )now…

  1. Texas
  2. Ole Miss
  3. LSU
  4. A&M

I grew up in Crossett and Ole Miss folks were always chirping when they’d come to town for business at the paper mill. Close 2nd in my book.

I dislike all SEC teams & Texas! OU will be my next up on my list.

I hate Ole Miss. so much arrogance, so little basis.

Ditto. I’d almost rather lose to a group of terrorists than Ole Miss.

The social media guys are over the top. Some like that, some do not. The No Fly Zone stuff and the Lane Train social media retorts after last year surprised me, but now I’m not surprised by anything.

Not my style, of course.

But it’s really enjoyed by many.

Since I’m not on social media much – just a little Facebook goes a long way for me – then I have to read about that stuff here to even know about it.

Yeah, if you do it, you expect the other guys to do it.

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