Hog Pod with Bo Mattingly

Listening to my first episode, it’s the Hog Pod #5, the one with Coach Muss.

very good, as I expected from Bo, he’s really good at these interviews. great insight into Muss, his dad, his coaching career.

He yells like a madman on all the quotes they play from his games, love it!

I’m half way through, so far I’m really liking Muss.


Very good listen. Bo is such a pro. I really miss him in the afternoons.

I did a podcast the previous week with Bo. It’s on the '94 championship game. I think it will now run next week. I figure it’s ready. Kinda fun to sit in and do something like that without having to worry about the commercial breaks or call-ins. I do not miss doing a three-hour radio show.

Easier on the listener too…3 or 4 one minute breaks. I’ll check it out :sunglasses:

I have listened to all five shows and found each to be equally interesting. That being said I am much more into basketball than I am baseball but Norm held my attention at the same level as Nolan. Really good information.

Bo has previous experience as a youngster working with Muss. He knows all the antics I’m sure.

What exactly is a podcast and how does it work financially for Bo and the listener/viewer? Do you subscribe and pay something annually? Is it supported by advertising or the selling of your information? Do the subjects or those interviewed get compensated or do they do it to promote their sport or team or product? Pardon my ignorance. I am old so I have an excuse.

It’s free, they get paid by sponsors so there are commercials and I doubt the guests get compensated.

It’s basically a talk show via the Internet.

Bo and his staff are evidently being compensated by Arkansas athletics…

“FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arkansas athletics, through a partnership with Learfield IMG College and Sport & Story, is excited to launch The Hog Pod with Bo Mattingly beginning March 12.”

https://arkansasrazorbacks.com/introduc … mattingly/

The Hog Pod turns up on my Google Search @ podbean, podomatic, and sportandstory. So, are these websites promoting Podcasts and, I guess, getting advertising revenue by doing so? If you want to understand stuff, just follow the money. Who is paying who for all of this? Is the UofA paying Bo or vice versa? Do the Learfield IMG College folks help fund Bo? If so, how do they get the revenue from it that justifies its existence?

Bo sells advertising. There are sponsors within the Podcast.

Does Learfield IMG Collge get revenue from the Podcast? They and the UofA strongly promoted it. Was that just to “enhance the brand” or do they share in a revenue stream from the podcast? I would expect guests like CEM, Nolan, Norm, etc. invest the time because it does “enhance the brand” or honor their past achievements. I would also assume that guests like Clay Henry, Dudley Dawson, Danny Sheridan, etc. get paid, somehow, for providing their time and knowledge. Does Bo pay or do most guests get compensated by the boost to their book sales, forum memberships, betting service, recruiting info service, etc. so they appear for free?

Can you tell I am just fascinated about how all this new stuff works?

Podcasts are not unlike radio programs. Advertisers can pay to be promoted in a variety of ways. The podcaster can be really creative in generating revenue streams.

Podcasts on their own are probably not going to make as much as a traditional radio show, but I think that might change as local radio goes more by the wayside. Much like cable and satellite, local radio is a medium being held up by an older audience. Younger people don’t listen to the radio. They listen to podcasts or stream music on services like Spotify. Sirius XM has stolen many away from the local FM stations.

I don’t know the specifics of Bo’s partnership with Learfield IMG College, but I’d be surprised if his company was not being compensated for its podcast being hosted on the Razorbacks’ website. The benefit for Learfield IMG is that a podcast is a unique form of content that will drive traffic to the website. In turn, Learfield IMG is able to report better numbers when it comes time to re-up with its national advertisers like Ford, Nissan, AT&T, etc. Those are the big accounts that help make those MMRs worth millions to the individual schools.

So the advertisers will seek out that lost audience by paying to promote their stuff where they have gone. You are saying Bo took a pay cut in the hopes that it will pay more later or he just liked being able to work when he wants to and not have to deal with idiotic callers and long hours trying to fill a radio show with content without going crazy?

I did not say Bo took a pay cut anywhere in my post. He acknowledged when he stopped the radio show that the company would be able to work on producing more video inventory, which is much more profitable.

“Podcasts on their own are probably not going to make as much as a traditional radio show, but I think that might change…” I thought that implied a pay cut but maybe more later. Glad to hear that Bo has moved onto better work hours and income.

Clay you don’t miss it and I can understand why, but I sure miss bo’s show. 103.7 in Little Rock is absolutely pathetic in the slot before rainwater, and the show at 4 with Rainwater isn’t much better.

The music lead into the 1 o’clock show, well I just turn the volumn down then they rarely talk about razorbacks. It’s sickening Can’t believe people pay for advertising for that show. Ackerys show is ok, but I rarely get to listen. the buzz in the morning is ok also. But after 1 there is a void in Little Rock for decent sports shows. Wish bo’s show was back and I know it won’t return.

Bo put together a radio show at a different level than anyone else in Arkansas. It was so easy to see that. Our state has a void in sports radio right now.

Totally agree.