Hog Pitching Questions:

  1. When is Tygart expected back and is it realistic to expect him to come back and pitch right away as our primary closer?

  2. They seem to be trying to develop Cage Wood as a flame throwing relief pitcher. Bybee seems to be developing into a contributor. Are there other freshmen or reserves they hope to step up and fill the gaps left by the injuries?

  3. We have had some outstanding relievers in recent years and Tygart seemed primed to be the next one. Will it be more relieving by committee now, until if and when he gets back, rather than having one great shut down reliever to go to?

Hagen Smith is the closer until further notice. I believe you have seen several step up, including Cody Adcock in a starter’s role. It is Gage, not Cage.

He is expected back sometime in mid-April, but no specific date has been announced. I think him being the primary closer would depend on how he looks and feels, and how things go with Hagen Smith in that role the next several weeks.

Parker Coil has also had a role as a second mid-week starter. I think he will have a role in the bullpen some weekends. Right-handers Cooper Dossett and Christian Foutch, and left-hander Sean Fitzpatrick are other freshmen who I think will pitch.

Dossett and Fouch look to have great stuff and I know if FitzPatrick had several good outings in the scrimmages in the fall and preseason

Carter has looked good and has been effective.
Ledbetter looks good but the wild card is Morris getting back into the groove. I hope Tygart is able to come back and be effective but I sure don’t want to see him come back too soon.

I spoke to Brady’s dad this weekend. I asked how he was doing and his dad said that he had begun throwing. He then corrected that immediately to say that Brady had begun tossing.

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I’ll be shocked if he’s in a game before May. The timeline was 5-6 weeks so that would have put him mid April but no way he’s going to be pitching in the game at that time I wouldn’t think. That’s why I think the move Hagen to closer was made
. Brady comes back and his dominant will allow to Hagen go back to starter I believe

Sounds like we currently have some mighty good arms vying for rotation status
and it’s making dis 'ol dude start to get excited.

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Seems like DVH saying the pitching is deep was an accurate assessment after all.

After seeing the one that have went to the mound so far this season that’s for sure. The talent is there. These young guys need to gain experience.
They will take a few lumps but man they have been impressive at times.

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We will find out a lot more as we start facing some of the better hitting teams but we have plenty of good arms so I’m not going to be surprised if we do good enough to win a lot of games

Auburn is going to score some runs. I did not think much of the Auburn pitching. But it might be that it’s not a good year for Auburn in the SEC West this season.

Auburn has had a lot of injuries to its pitching staff, including its No. 1, Joseph Gonzalez, who has not pitched since the season opener. He is getting close to a return.

Butch Thompson hoped to throw him Sunday, but he wasn’t ready yet.

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