Hog Pen line Is forming

I had some business at the RF offices and noticed about 4-6 already in line for the Hog Pen. I hope they don’t get too wet, if it rains. The staff was stringing banner rope along the trees on Razorback Rd to mark off the sidewalk for the line.

Already? Sheesh. That’s dedication to get to their spot.

2 Days early is not to bad. I remember when I was a Student and UNLV basketball came to town for #1 vs #2 and we camped out at Barnhill arena for 7 days to be 1st in line. There were 5 of us in that tent, we’d rotate for classes and food runs, but most were there most of the time. Before long the line grew and grew and we had a tent city going on down there. Hell even Dick Vitale came out and interviewed us and talked to us. THat was back before I grew to dislike him. So it was very cool.


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