Hog offer another JC OL


Same school that Jeremy Patton attended.

Jahmir attended the same high school as Hog RB David Williams.

Richard do you know his height and weight?

His twitter has him at 6-6 and 290. I’m talking to him tonight. Will have more.

Why would he have 3 offers from Arkansas and would that count as 3 spots??

No, it just means they really, really, really want him.

Would Arkansas take both juco O-lineman?

Doubt it. Will check though.

lol i was just being a smart butt

LOL. I know, I was too.

Just talked to him.

He’s very interested in Arkansas because he and David Williams are good friends and he knows David will be upfront with him.

Minnesota just offered him so now he has four offers. Oklahoma reached out to him after he reported the offer from Arkansas.

He’s a spring grad. He confirmed being 6-6, 290.