Hog Offense: Auburn vs Ole Miss

Arkansas’ offense looked a lot better against Auburn than they did at home against Ole Miss (who entered the game with the worst passing defense in the SEC).

Versus Auburn, Franks had a 90.1 QBR; against the Rebs Franks only produced a 26.9; by far his worst statistical performance of the season. And Trey Smith looked a lot better in the backfield against Aubie than did Boyd versus Ole Miss; 3.9 yac vs 2.8 yac. I get that Boyd was hobbled, but the offense just looked like it lacked zip when Smith was out during the Ole Miss game.

Against Aubie on the road the Hogs amassed 437 Total Yards and 6.1 yards per play. However, they could only muster 394 total yards and 4.8 yards per play against the Rebs.

What did Ole Miss do to limit the Hogs. Or, did the Hogs just limit themselves.

Maybe Auburn’s defense didn’t take us seriously enough, and perhaps Ole Miss had gotten tired of hearing how bad they’d been.

I think some of the matchups with Smith against the auburn linebacker taking over for their injured star were favorable and exploited. Ole Miss linebackers did not get blocked or fooled. Matchups and personnel change from week to week. Auburn was really beat up on defense after Georgia. Ole Miss did not seem beat up on defense. I don’t recall many dropped passes against Auburn (with a note that 2-point plays are not in stats). Odd because it was wet. There were drops against Ole Miss.

I do think our offense was its worst enemy at times. Still, pretty amazed how much our O struggled against Ole Miss. As the game was to begin, I was really thinking that it was time for the offense to bust out.

It’s hard to compare the offense from the Auburn game to the Ole Miss. Burkes and Boyd missed the Auburn game! It appeared to me the offense was better against Ole Miss! We had drops on plays that would have keep drives alive and moved the chains.
The wind was tough at kick off.
Boyd dropped a screen where he tried to run before he caught the ball and had plenty of green grass in front of him. Burkes dropped one that normally he catches.
The defense did the job in both games.
Maybe we will have an offensive explosion at Texas A&M. Next game and turn the page.

I think Smith is better suited for this offense at this point. Maybe due to injuries etc., but Smith makes more people miss with quick cuts. Doesn’t have Boyd’s top end speed but extremely good at finding small creases and making something out of very little.


Agree with this! I just watched a reply of Ole Miss and our offense did not look good at all

I’ll go with wind and dropped passes also. Of course the wind also had a huge effect on the OM passing game. Really glad we’ve got an extra week to heal and prepare for the Ag mechs. I know a certain Aggie Bugle Boy who is feeling a little too confident about their chances.

I thought the run game looked a little better against Ole Miss. The passing game was not as good as the week before.

If you weren’t there, you can’t fully appreciate what the wind was like Saturday and how it affected the passing games.

An example: On Ole Miss’ final drive, the wind began to gust at the Rebels’ back just as Corral was taking the first-down snap. He had a receiver behind the Arkansas secondary, but overthrew him by 10 or more yards. It looked to me like the wind got ahold of the ball and just kept carrying it like a wind-aided home run ball.

In the second and third quarters he was throwing into the wind and appeared to under throw multiple passes, including the first of Hudson Clark’s interceptions.

It was one of the windiest football games I can remember in a while. A weather site I track recorded a gust of 40 mph just before kickoff.

Speaking of wind…over the years, I’ve noticed that many times the flags on top of the stadium blow the opposite direction from the flags on the goal posts.

Anybody know?

It was that way Saturday. The wind was out of the south, but it swirled around at field level and blew out of the north.

heck, there were side by side flags, blowing in different directions, hard.


I have also noticed over the years how the wind swirls around the stadium in the opposite direction.

I thought the offense took a major step backwards vs the Rebels. We had our best offensive performance of the year after a very slow start vs Auburn and than Ole Miss was just a lot of inconsistency, not to mention several 3 and outs. I hope they find out what keeps throwing them off, it appears we have some weapons, it would be nice to go to College Station with a more potent offense.

Enclosed stadiums often have swirling winds. Or alternatively stadiums with an opening for the wind to blow into, which then swirls when it gets inside. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh is notorious for swirling winds coming off the Allegheny River, making kicking very difficult, especially later in the season.

Those untimely drops by WR’s and RB didn’t help our offense. But it was the running game that looked out of whack at times. Will be facing a much better defensive front at aTm so hopefully we get some things ironed out.

agree-the offense was generally very out of sorts vs Ole Mrs, every aspect. didn’t run block well, slow decisions from QB, Boyd was clearly not himself yet, drops by WR and TE andn RB. just not a good day at the office. but all correctable stuff, and this bye is well timed.

Man, when you see our defensive stats, and realize that they have done it with very little help from O or ST, it’s just amazing.

If we start to run block well, and our O gets their act together, and ST can get to average, then we could truly be a good team. Maybe 2nd best in SEC west??? hard to believe what these coaches and players have done, so fast, with no spring practice. Love em!!!


That’s how I look at it. Hoping to see some offensive improvement soon, very soon.

Ever since the big screens were added, pay no attention to the flags atop the stadium. The wind will be opposite at ground level up to the 40th row. Crazy.

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