Hog NCAA History. Did You Know

Since 1941 the Hogs have been in the tournament 30 times.
Games played = 68
Games Won = 39
Teams played the most times = North Carolina 5 Times. We won 2 loss 3.
Second team = Louisville 4 Times. We won 2 loss 2.

And of course six final 4 appearances with one championship and a runner up.

I love this game. :wink:

It would nice to make the sweet 16 this year!


It would be unbelievably fantastic if we made the sweet 16 since we’ve hovered around the 35th best team. There are teams ranked right now that hope they make the sweet 16…

Very possible if we land a 12 seed and as long as we avoid the 8-9 seed line. Hot shooting is like catching a cold and the team is pretty hot right now. We need to continue making 12 plus 3’s a game and winning the rebounding war on the glass.
When we play solid defense we can play with anybody! Offense has not been the problem with this team. It has been playing together on both ends of the floor.

If my math is correct, Arkansas is still in top twenty all time ncaa appearances at number 17.

Amazingly at one point we were top 10 all time ncaa appearances before we went like 5 for 18 these last many years when bottom fell out.

This will be tourney bid number 31 if we can hold on,

Seems like we have been right around 30 for like two decades.

Come on hogs, let’s get back to our annual heritage!