Hog jubilant locker room after win at LSU


Awesome!! Great win! hope it sends us on a run!

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Luv the enthusiasm! WPS!

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Next game up and nothing else matters. Beat South Carolina one game at a time.


College BB is hard to beat, don’t you think?

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So very much better than the NBA just like college football is much better than the NFL.

They are trying their best to ruin both with NIL, etc, but so far it is holding.


NIL is just getting cranked up. Give the blue bloods time and they will corner the market.

If the blue bloods corner the market, it’s because the rest of us aren’t trying hard enough. There isn’t that much money in Alabama. The only Fortune 500 company there is Regions Bank.

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Multimillion dollar TV deals, Coaches receiving huge paydays and continuing to get paid after they were fired didn’t help much…

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