Hog Hoop stats

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Nick Smith scored 21 of his game-high 29 points in the second half.

Annor Boateng had 19 points


RD how do see Pinion impacting us, obviously a great shooter but do you think he sees much time next yr?? We could use his great 3 pt shooting this yr!

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Not saying he will make a major impact as a freshman, but I can see him getting minutes. Who knows what the roster looks like next year.

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RD, haven’t seen a lot of young Mr Pinion, but I keep hearing people who have, compare him to Austin Reaves. Are they similar?

I can see that. I think Austin might have been a better shooter at the same point.

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Yes, they are both white.

His game is more like Scotty Thurman’s than that of Austin Reeves.

Good comparison. Joseph is a better overall athlete than Scotty was, though.


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