HOG FUTURES: Running back Rakeem Boyd welcomes 2nd chance in the SEC

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Very eager to see Rakeem run the ball in person and watch him on Last Chance U season 3 next weekend. If Jason Brown says he’s as good as any of the 27 guys he has in the NFL, he must be pretty good. Been saying it since the spring: Arkansas has a deep, talented group of guys at running back.

I agree with our depth at running back. I also think we have good depth at wide receiver and can’t figure out why they don’t get much love. And, then you look at the group of tight ends? I mean, if a guy like Will Gragg leaves because he is buried in the depth chart, then you know you have a lot of depth at that position as well. We just need to find that QB who can put the ball in the RB, WR, and TE’s hands. I believe we have a good crop of QBs, just need to find out which one is going to be great. Someone recently asked whether Boyd had arrived on campus and I believe the answer was that he isn’t yet enrolled. Anyone have a timeline for him? Did he have to take summer classes at JC?