Hog Futures: QB Connor Noland

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Good story on Noland from Jeremy Muck of the ADG.

he’s the man IMO,knows the offense pretty well already and make can all the throws,Just a matter of time,once He’s given the chance I think he will take advantage of it…IMO QB of the future.I’m sure Kelley will get 1st chance and that is fine,I really hope he does great but Noland I think will be next in line.better athlete and can make any throw he can just has to get use to the speed of the game.

It’s fun to think about Connor and what his future might be with the Razorbacks (football and baseball). He might just be a kid to built around. If he turns out as advertised, I could see some great offensive players wanting to be Razorbacks. I sat beside his grandfather behind home plate at Baum Stadium during the super regionals. Grandpa is definitely a big Razorback fan.