Hog Futures: Football just the beginning for Sategna


He can stretch the field and get some mismatches. I’m excited to have him on the Hill.

Did he break the long jump.record of the legendary Win Whipple, or had that already been broken?

I wrote tonight on Sategna’s recent play in practice:


It was Basil Shabazz whose long jump record was broken. Sategna broke it by almost 5 inches.


Ah yes, Win Whipple, my fellow Arkadelphia Badger. Set a record that wasn’t broken for 51 years. And was dead at age 21 of bone cancer.

Little known tidbit: Whipple actually jumped farther than the 24 feet he was credited with. He went out of the end of the landing pit at the state meet in Clarksville; the jump was estimated at 24-6. But he was credited with 24-0, the distance to the end of the pit. If they had given him the full distance, the record would have been broken by Sategna, not Shabazz.

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The Win Whipple story still boggles my mind. I’m guessing Shabazz and Sategna also enjoyed the advantage of better shoes and lighter clothes. Heck, Win may well have jumped barefooted.

I was watching the Sights and Sounds and noticed the catch by #16 early in the video. I just got my media guide and looked up the number - Sategna. He has a chance to be special. I’ll be rooting for him.

There was another tragedy involving an Arkadelphia athlete in the 1930s. John Adams broke his neck in an AHS football game in 1936. Quadriplegic, and they weren’t sure he would even survive. But he did survive, and was a figure in Arkadoo for the rest of his life. The front of his house was the best bookstore in town, and there was more than once I went to Adams Book Store to play chess with the proprietor in his wheelchair. He was also a noted poet. Finally died in 1984; his tombstone reads “A book seller and poet”. My friend Charles Hughes wrote a biography of Adams which is available on Amazon. The title is “A Fortune Teller’s Blessing”


I found it on Kindle Unlimited, so I can read it for no additional charge.

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