Hog free agents

TJ Smith- LA Chargers

Austin Capps- Atlanta

Draft Diamonds reports Chase Harrell- SF 49ers

Dejon Harris- New England

Devwah Whaley will sign with Cincinnati

Expect Gabe Richardson to sign fairly soon.

So nobody taking a chance on OGrady yet?

I wondered if anyone would. What a tremendous missed opportunity for this young man .

He’s going have to show a great attitude at all times and make it impossible for a team to cut him with his play on the field. Any episodes like he had at Arkansas and he’ll be out of the league.

I thought someone would sign Connor Limpert. He is a decent field goal kicker.


I watched the entire draft and read so many mock drafts, I thought I might call and ask Mel Kiper for a job. I watched a lot of players on film, just because there was no sports activity.

There are only a handful of tight ends who have more ability in this draft than C.J. O’Grady. Even with all the past mistakes, errors in judgement and lack of effort, he could have and should have been taken somewhere between the 3rd and 7th round.

Compare Hunter Henry and C.J. O’Grady…talent wise C.J. probably has an edge. But when you add the other components such as character, desire, hard work and value as a team mate, their is no comparison. Hunter Henry is now the highest paid tight end per year in the NFL and O’Grady has not yet been signed as a free agent. He was not even drafted.

Richard is right on. He may have one chance left to make it. It would be great to see him reach his potential as a player and a person.

I am not surprised that he is unsigned at this point. It’s just so sad.

CBS Sports has an article today listing the Top 25 undrafted free agents. O’Grady is #25.

So many of us tried to talk and get through to him about getting more responsible and how much he needed to mature. He has enough charisma and was a good enough conversationalist to make you think that maybe it would finally happen.

But it never did. I, like others, hope he gets a chance and makes the most of it.

This is why when people on this board got on Coach Morris for how CJ’s career ended here, it was easy tp put far more blame on the player than the coach in this instance.

I’ll root for CJ to make it in the NFL. But more importantly I’ll root for him to get his life together and become the man he’s capable of being.

He’s young and hopefully he’s learned.

Sometimes talent happens faster than maturity. One big problem with all professional sports is how quickly they require athletes to grow up. Some of the top athletes to ever play the game, played it at a very immature level, but their talent was superior. What you lack in talent, you must make up in maturity. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do at 21. Isn’t that when you are supposed to start drinking? At least he hasn’t dyed his hair blonde, or got a few nose rings. Oh wait, that’s just for hall of famers.

Barry Lunney tried about 2,000 times to explain to him what he needed to do. And so many others did, too.

He really had to work hard to mess up this bad—world of talent with no regard for how badly his actions would ultimately hurt him. He’s a first-round talent and can’t even hook on as an UDFA because he had burned so many bridges. Really sad.

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