Hog Fans

I hope that all Hog Fans noticed the large, loud, partisan crowd at Assembly Hall today. Even though Indiana had a bad ( for them ) record, their crowd was great,especially for two mediocre teams playing in a “ meaningless” game. Razorback fans seem to think that our level of support is like it was in glory years of Barnhill or the first years at Bud Walton. It’s not. Our fan base is fractured with splinters of everything is still good, naysayers that continuously bitch about the coaches, players, and the whole athletic department, and some that know that things should be better but are unsure what the answer to the problem is. I believe that the majority of the fan base are true fans that support the team as much as possible.

I believe that the program is at the most critical stage since Eddie Sutton was hired. Are we content to be a mid pack member of the SEC? Has anyone truly had fun with recent basketball seasons?

First, we need to admit that fan support is not like it used to be. This is understandably a predictable response. It is no fun to invest the emotional capital in the program, have hopes raised, then have the bitter reality of defeat surface again. For us to be great fans again, we need at least the hope of winning every time they threw the ball up. We don’t need to be satisfied with second or third in the standings. When we entered the SEC, we were a real top 5 team. We need to get back. To do so, changes must be made. The fans have to be better. We need better players. And we need new coaches. Mike Anderson has been a classy gentleman while coaching Arkansas and I hate that the wins have not followed. They haven’t.


What nonsense

Neither side on this issue is speaking nonsense.

There are valid arguments to be made both ways.

That’s why there is so much discussion and animus from both sides.

Indiana charged $20 a ticket for today’s game. Attendance on the box score was 12,225. Not bad. As I noted earlier in the week, IU’s basketball history is much better than ours (5 NCs, 8 FFs, 22 Sweet 16s). They fired Tom Crean two years ago and Archie Miller hasn’t gotten them back in the Dance. Yet they show up. If we’d had a home game today, crowd probably would have been 8-10K. If that. It just seems to me that we have waaaaaaay too many people who just want to complain that things aren’t like they used to be and don’t want to help it get back there, like actually showing up to support the team we have. Constant moaning and bitching isn’t productive, but it is irritating.

Losing is what is irritating, Swine. In football and in basketball. Please understand that. Please. It is the job of the highly paid AD and coaches to do the things that make teams win. Raise money, hire, fire, recruit, Xs and Os. All that. THAT IS THEIR JOB, NOT OURS! I get so sick and tired of you and others on this Pollyanna, mediocre-accepting board blaming this train-wreck of an athletic department these past few years on the fans and anyone else but the AD and coaches. Just please stop it.

I don’t think he was blaming the fans. He was saying that fans don’t help by bashing the coach and team or not showing up. I will say when fans go to social media and talk to recruits telling them not to come here, I can certainly blame them for at least attempting to sabotage the program.

No, I agree that is boorish, bad conduct that should not stand. Ever. And our fan base collectively may have a little lower social media IQ than that of other schools for different reasons. Still, fan conduct is as bad or even worse with many other schools. But every big-time school deals with it, and many win to spite it. Good ADs and good coaches can make Arkansas part of the “many.” Fans stopping bitching about the teams and badgering recruits on social media won’t come close to doing that. Drop in the bucket.

There needs to be some real skill, competence and accountability on the Hill. And a focus on winning. All that happens and the rednecks on Twitter will shut up for the most part.

I’m not yet seeing it with Yurachek, frankly, but we will see. Jury is out on Morris but he’s mostly trending up and must be given time. I don’t see it with Anderson. Sorry. He has had time — a lot of time.