Hog fans...who would you choose in this hypothetical match-up?

Last year’s Hog team (2021, that made it to the Elite Eight) vs. this year’s team?

And why?

JD and Jaylin playing on both teams, at the same
Level they played in each year?

I would take last year’s team if Moody were in his regular season form. With Moody as he played in tournament, I think I like this year’s team. The new improved JWill makes the difference to me.

I think Moody is the difference maker.

I’d take the 2022 Hogs.

Close call either way. Both really good, for slightly different reasons.

The team defensive ceiling and the individual defensive effort/flexibility of Toney give the nod to the 2022 team. Offensively, the growth of Notae’s game is off the charts, and J Will’s improvement is not far behind…… off-setting the loss of Moody’s offensive game.

2022 and I hope next year if this question is asked I can say 2023 is better than 2022, you have to like where this program is headed. Muss is getting done what every AD hopes their program does every season IMPROVE and you can check that box with the Hogs b-ball team. WPS

21 team had Tate at the point. Tate at the point in 22 and we are a pickem against Zags.

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Love the heart and defense of this team, but I would go with 2021 in this scenario.

I would go with a 21 team because Tate was a very efficient point guard and a lockdown defender similar to Toney. Moody and JD were very good scorers and Smith down the stretch turned in some nice games offensively. Devo was playing much more consistently as well last year.

I think the addition of Umude and Toney makes this years hog better on defense but on offense the hogs miss Tate, Moody and Smith. It would have been great for the 2 teams to had been on one roster at the same time.
Hard to pick which one.

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Toss up

Not exactly the question you asked, but if I could chose one player off of last year’s team to finish this season with us, it would be Smith (the Smith who played in last year’s tournament). It would be very easy for me to choose the Hogs straight up to beat the Zags with him on this team. Smith was a great offensive rebounder (Muss’ words) and the best interior defender we’ve had in years.

Now, for your question, I’d go with our 2021 team because of Smith.

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Smith would make a world of difference in this team.

I would love to have Justin and JWill battling Timme and Holmgren, with Kamani coming off the bench.

I would love to have Justin and JWill battling Timme and Holmgren, with Kamani coming off the bench.

Having both a Justin and a JWill would be great. . . double or nothing :wink:

I keep saying our long run in the tourney will be due to how Umude plays. If we have success this week, I believe we will be talking a lot about Umude and his scoring that will help get us to the Elite 8 and possibly to the final 4. Moody seemed tired in the tourney last year and that hurt us some. Umude along with JD, great defense by Toney and an improved Williams can lift us past the Zags.

I give the edge to this year’s team.

Personally I think the game with the Zags is going to be a hard fought War and we have been in more of those battles than they have…Tougher competition overall should make us a little tougher.

I think the team last year was deeper. Devo was playing better at the end than he is right now. Justin Smith is among my favorite players to watch. Last year’s team finished second in the SEC. This year’s team finished fourth. It’s a small difference, but a difference nonetheless. Both teams are fun to watch and equally well coached.

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Muss would no doubt be disappointed in this; would imply he and his staff did not improve from last season. :thinking:

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