Hog fans not happy with Mason Jones tweet

Too late, if we could find one, they surely could. Basketball can’t be compared to football, all they have to worry about is 13 scholarships, football has to have room in their initial 25 qualifiers.

Agree. Lots of ill-advised exchanges on Twitter.

Tweeting “you’re next” ranks pretty high on the ill advised list too, so even the professional athletes can make bonehead posts on social media.


In the total scheme of things, Mason’s opinion is his to dispense and mine to ignore.


I don’t agree with Woods decision, but I wish the best for him. They are kids. I destroyed Casey Dick on here 15 years ago and regret it. I expect 99% of hog fans to disagree with Woods leaving, but I expect 99% to wish him well. Hopefully he snd Jones don’t judge the 99% by the 1%.

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I have to agree with Jones. Our offense was so inconsistent last year. Explosive 1 quarter and then all 3 and outs the next quarter. And that was with a seasoned SEC QB. He is transferring to an offense that offers much more stability as well as exposure. The downside is if the hogs get the right QB, we could fill up the highlight reel. It’s a gamble, I wish he would have kept the faith, but given his lack of faith, he’s not irreplaceable.

Mason didn’t need to say what he said. He deserves to catch high-level grief for it. He’s high profile and an alum. He has a stake in maintaining in the UA’s and fans’ good graces. That’s the contrast to the anonymous idiots on Twitter lashing out at Woods. I don’t agree with Dudley’s tortured interpretation of what Mason meant, attempting to defend Mason. We don’t always have to make excuses for young men that should know better.

I’m kind of PO’d now because I’ve been rooting for the Sooners the past few years, and enjoying it. I’ll have a harder time doing that now. I especially don’t want Mike to contribute significantly. Don’t want to see him and Rattler lighting it up. Woods has tainted my OU fandom.


Dudley as a reporter is used to unbiased reporting. I put a lot of value in what Dudley says. Because that is mostly how the outside world views it.

The circumstances behind the Franks & Smith transfers vs Woods are different.

Franks lost his starting role at FL after his injury so he departed to AR where he could again be a starter & have better NFL opportunities.

Smith left Indiana due to roster additions & some struggles during his last season there. It was believed that Smith would have less playing time if he had remained at Indiana & therefore lessened his NBA value.

Woods would have continued to be a starter for the Hogs in ‘21 - unless there were indications that other receivers on our roster would have reduced Woods’ playing time.


But then again Notae would have been the man at Jacksonville if he’d stayed. Is it okay for him to head for what he thought would be greener pastures while it’s wrong for Woods to leave?

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Yes. It’s wrong, at least from a Hog fan’s perspective. In Notae’s case it benefitted Arkansas. In Woods’s case, it hurt Arkansas. Yes, it’s hypocritical. But I’m a Hog fan. This isn’t a logic or ethics debate. We Hog fans are among the most irrational and illogical people around. I don’t apologize for that.


The tribalism and piety are on steroids around here. If you’re for us, you’re pure and beloved. But only if you’re 100% for us. If you’re not 100% for us, in every thought, word and deed, you are scum. Da, comrade.

I’ve sided with Dudley plenty. He’s a good dude. Just don’t agree with him here.

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Back to my concerns about the portal, it will primarily benefit the elite teams & with less NCAA team parity. The lesser teams will have a greater hurdle in overcoming their talent deficiencies in efforts to compete with the elites.

The best players will seek out & transfer to the elite teams, & for the same reason HS players choose colleges during the recruiting process. The portal is simply a 2nd level of recruiting that benefits the elite teams & better enables them to cherry pick & reload on top talent.

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Sure, there’s a question, but I am willing to give Jones the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant good decision to pick Oklahoma (with its title hopes and NFL quarterback), rather than good decision to leave Arkansas.

As long as it isn’t against the Razorbacks, I hope Woods does well at OU and gets a chance to play in the NFL. In my view, his decision to transfer doesn’t wash away the last three years as a Razorback.

Plus, what affect does it have on Mike if I wish ill on him? The only person affected by that is me. I just don’t see any percentage in letting it do that.


Interpret Mason’s tweet as a subtle slam against Arkansas & being a “smart move” reads like someone rubbing salt in the wound. Perhaps Mason holds bad feelings towards Arkansas.

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Took me way too long to understand this. Wish I would have come to this realization sooner in my life.

You just took it to another extreme.

How should Hog fans feel about Mason Jones’ tweet?

Is it possible that since he had already announced he was leaving that Mason just was in agreement with his choice? Just asking.