Hog fans not happy with Mason Jones tweet

Not cool.


Not at all. I guess nowadays we’re all supposed to bow down and defer to athletes getting to “the League.” Whatever.

Hogs > “the League.”

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Regardless of how you feel about this comment…the thing I don’t understand is why everyone feels they have to make all their opinions public these days.


Yeah, not a good move by Mason. He thought he was supporting Woods, but for a moment, he forgot about us the fans.

Maybe we should mention the tweets at Mike Wood as well.

Ones from Arkansas fans saying they hope he tears an ACL and that they will hunt him and his family down.

There is a part of this fan base - as there are in every fan base - that makes such idiotic statements.

I don’t understand that mentality. Not only is a bad look for the present, but doesn’t help future recruiting one bit.

Mason Jones plays his heart out for Arkansas, tweets support for his friend and some turn on him?

Man. :angry:


He was supporting Mason.

Everybody is so offended these days.

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I agree with you Dudley with one exception. To me you can support your friend without saying “smart move” to leave Arkansas. That might influence recruiting as well.

One thing we definitely agree on; no matter how upset you are about a player’s decisions these vicious, attacking comments are never justified.

Regarding Mason’s tweet…these kind of things don’t bother me as much as some. It is just the world we live in now.


Yes. That was the only reason he tweeted that. But as you said, transferring into Arkansas and you are a hero, transfer out and you are …


I took it as him saying the decision to go to Oklahoma is a good one.

Not the decision to leave Arkansas.

I think if you have decided that you need to transfer, then going to one of the nation’s best programs is probably a smart move.

That being said, I didn’t agree with his decision to transfer, but he didn’t need mine or anybody else’s permission.

I just look at it as a trade of Levi Draper and Jaqualyn Crawford for Mike Woods.

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I see your point…and don’t totally disagree. It would be hard for any objective person to say that Oklahoma is not a higher profile program than us. But playing for a better team doesn’t of itself make it a smart move. Only time will tell on that.

Again, I think this is a sentiment that would have been better shared in a private text rather than a tweet. For a Razorback hero to opine publicly that moving from Ark to OU is a “smart move” doesn’t help the cause of restoring our relevance as a program–regardless of how true.



I think on a personal level transferring may have been a smart move for Woods. I don’t get mad at kids who transfer any more than I got mad when people who worked for me left to try to better themselves. If everybody stays classy and acts like an adult there’s no reason to hold a grudge.

Now his landing spot was interesting. He is betting on himself by going into a high risk/high reward situation. It’s high risk because he might end up not having enough production there to better his draft stock. It’s high reward because he will have a chance to make a splash in a pass heavy system with a future NFL QB and tons of national exposure.

Not exactly sure here why Mase would downgrade UA in this situation. I thought everyone’s attitude was kosher when Mase left for the pros.
And in response to nlrbuzzard…well yes, one of the many dangers of attempting to move a rung up the ladder. Especially when Woods stock was secure @ UA as well as the draft confident SEC.

Two guys who haven’t played a down for Arkansas for our #2 WR? Yeah, don’t put me down as thinking that was a good trade, lol.

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I didn’t say it was a good trade. :sunglasses:

Just my opinion that it is disingenuous to welcome Feleipe Franks and JustIn Smith with open arms, but criticize Mike Woods for leaving.

I didn’t like it that Albert Pujols left for California, but was real pleased when Nolan Arenado got traded from Colorado to St. Louis.

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Big difference in college and pro’s, or there was. Fans at both levels are fans, fans don’t like their team getting the short end on deals, surely you understand that. I’d say most Arkansas fans didn’t like the timing and they way it went down after everything being “ok”.

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Understand? Sure

But calling for an ACL tear and talking of hunting him and his family down? Absolutely not.


The young man can go anywhere he wanted to, that’s his business. The timing of it, like ricepig said, is what makes it frustrating, if he had announced he was leaving earlier, fans may not be as upset. He practiced all spring then bang right after spring game he announces he is leaving.

As Dudley said, we loved it when Justin Smith transferred to Arkansas in June when it was too late for Indiana to find an adequate replacement. Razorback fans need to get with the program.

Yeah, easy to type that stuff anonymously, I would think the vast majority of players understand there’s alway idiots in every fan base. I know, my brother is an OU alum and fan, black sheep of the family!

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