Hog fans at USC...

How impressive it was to clearly hear the Hogs being called throughout the game. And the Hog fans were giving the ump a hard time on some of those close pitches.

Thanks to our friends and family who supported our guys last night.

That was impressive to hear on the radio and the video. That’s a long trip! The video is so poor you really can’t tell how bad the home plate ump was. From what I could gayer he was equally as eradic and horrible both ways.

I noticed those hog calls, too. I mostly listened on the radio. The video froze so often, it was hardly worth watching. Finally got better in the late innings.

I wonder how many of those fans were from LA & how many traveled? Anyone have a guess at how many hog fans were there?

Agree Army…that ump was bad both ways. Even the USC announcers said so. We could not complain he was certainly consistent in being inconsistent both ways.

Last year when we played in the tourney in San Diego, each night there were more Hog fans and any other team including San Diego State - the host team.

It was great fun… I was living there at the time.

The people I have talked to here are pretty much local or family members of the team. Casey Nartin has a big family group, and of course Fletcher has a lot of family here. Isaiah and his Dad were having breakfast at the same restaurant we did yesterday.

I would guess maybe 200 or so Hog fans.

I’ve been to most of the west coast games the past few years. I was planning on going to the USC games, but there was a funeral we needed to go to. We had lost so many of these games the past few years, I was sure we would win when I couldn’t go. Called it right. Glad there is the USC broadcast even as amateurish as it is.

Kind of reminds me of the old Razor Vision thing (I think that’s what it was called). Only a couple of cameras. Fuzzy. Bad audio. Hit or miss if it would work. We’ve come a long way.

LOL. Announcers talked about their support and great crowd with the band and dance team there. Then official attendance is like 650. We have 4-5x that show up at scrimmages. Why play college baseball on the weas coast if you are a talented prospect? (I do understand but feel for the kids). They even menti9that for upcoming Olympics they are tearing up field, putting in Olympic pools, and then building back, assuming as is.oh, and it sounded like at least half those in attendance were Hog fans as they tended to drown out the band (except when it played “Tusk”).

It was a pretty impressive turnout by Hog fans. I would guess around 200-250. I live in the Hollywood area so it was a no brainer for me. Had a great time! Hoping I am able to make it back tonight, too, but our work day is dragging behind so I may be stuck watching online

If Hog fans didn’t show up, they could count on one hand the number of popcorn bags sold…

We did our part to help with the beer sales too! Ha! The guy doing the pouring had several tip cups stuffed full so I know he appreciated the Hog fans as well.