Hog Fans are the best



We entertained several Cincy guests at our tailgate. Filled em full of food, drinks, and hog calls. :smiley:


Wait! Where’s your tailgate, Rick?

That reminds me of the New Jersey Tech baseball team and fans. They became Hog fans and we became Highlander fans. It’s great when we can respect and enjoy the competition and our competitors.


On the west side of Bud Walton Arena. Near Razorback Road. :smiley:

We loved those NiJITs!

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I remember a few USCw fans stopping by the Webhogs tailgate in '06. We treated them right then too.

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WebHogs reunite!

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These comments from visitors make my heart smile and they make me proud to be from Arkansas.


Some Cincy fans at our tailgate Saturday.


Looking at it from the other side, and no I haven’t been to a lot of visiting stadiums in the SEC, but the best treatment I’ve ever gotten as a visiting fan was at Misery. Been up there twice and in both cases we were invited to join a tailgate right outside the parking garage. Very friendly.

That food is probably top shelf. I gotta stop in there.

Don’t expect any hospitality in Oxford or Baton Rouge. Just keep moving along and watch your back.
They are 1A and 1B for worst SEC “fans.”

They’d have to go some to pass the arrogance of the Bama fans. My son has never been in a fight in his life and I had to keep him from cold-cocking a tailgater outside the stadium (who never went in the stadium). Told him, “yes, the ***** deserves it, but I’m not bailing you out of the Tuscaloosa County Jail.”

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I had a run in with about 50 Bama fans after they drilled us at WMS in the 90’s. They did the Rama Jama thing as me and my family were walking out of the South End zone. Then they started peppering us with insults. Finally I turned to them and said “it’s fitting that your basketball coach hits women”.
(Wimp Sanderson was their basketball coach at the time, had an affair with his secretary and allegedly hit her). That shut them up.

My wife chewed me out all the way to the Ray Windor parking lot telling me that I was going to get my __ whipped some day with my smart mouth.


I’m glad you had a nice experience at Mizzou, Jeff. They harassed my mom and her husband so bad at a basketball game that they left early. Same thing happened to my cousin and uncle at a football game. I’ve got no use for The Antlers or Mizzou. They add nothing to the SEC.

It’s funny. Had a great experience at baseball in Chapel Hill too. But if it had been hoops at the Dean Dome, the welcome would have been much less friendly.

And the Antlers are absolutely human waste.

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