Hog fan in Madrid needs help . . .

Can anyone come up with the venues that the Hogs will be playing with in Madrid? I’ve asked the ticket office, they don’t have access to ticketing and said that we will have to go to the venue but they didn’t tell me the venues they are playing in. I’ve asked but no response as of yet.

My daughter lives in Madrid and would love to go to their games, just need to find out where they are playing at.



Bump. . Anyone. Ticket office hasn’t been real helpful.

It’s entirely possible that no one at UA knows. Find out what team we’re playing, you might be able to figure out the venue. But nothing I’ve seen on any of these foreign tours lists the opponents in advance. I’m pretty sure, though, it’s not one of the pro teams in Madrid. Too bad; Real Madrid has a very nice 17,000 seat arena.

I’d say someone knows but maybe not the ticket office. Their advice was to get tickets at the venue but then they didn’t respond when I asked what the venues were. . . . . . My daughter’s been trying to find out over there but so far no dice.

Email Ruta or Muss, pretty sure they have an email in the UofA directory.

Well his email is hidden, but I tweeted him and got this back.

The schedule, venues, and times will be posted in the near future! Would love to have @RazorbackMBB fans cheering us on in Valencia, Barcelona, and Lake Como

I hope they are still planning on playing in Madrid. . .

If not, it’s about an hour-40 from Madrid to Valencia by train.

Good thought, thanks, I’ll pass that on.

So I was just talking to her, Apparently she went in 2016 when they played over there. She didn’t find the venue until the day of. When she showed up no one in the ticket office etc knew what she was talking about. Finally found a way in and paid 5 Euro’s each to watch. Purdue was practicing when they went in, found out the razorbacks were the 2nd game. Went got coffee from around the corner and came back 2 or 3 hours later to watch the Razorbacks play.

Sounds very very informal to me.

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