Hog commit Blocker posting big summer numbers

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Good read RD and Layden Razorback fans can’t wait to see you play! WPS

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How is he not a 5 star?

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Height, shooting and a still developing PG skills. Good news is that he can still be really, really good for us.


And still has time to turn into a 5 star. I wouldn’t trade him for any other PG in this class.

He reminds me of Smith, he wasn’t a 5* until his JR year peach jam. Then he skyrocketed. I think Blocker will move up, but not sure he will get as high as Smith, if he gains about two inches he might.

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He will be not only a 5*, but a McAA after the coming season.

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There may be a service that puts him there in the 20’s, but I’m pretty confident he won’t be a consensus 5-star. Eric Bossi with 247 has already indicated so.

If he’s in that top 30 range, there will be all star games he’ll be selected for, even if McDonald’s isn’t one of them. He’ll get a lot of in season exposure also. Sunrise is one of those prep schools that get shown a lot on ESPN. They’ll have games against Montverde, Oak Hill, Sierra Canyon, etc. ESPN shows many of those games

Wow, what a statement by Bossi. So, if Blocker averages 25 points, 40+% on 3s, and 12 assists for Sunrise and they end up the #1 team in the country, Bossi will refuse to name him a 5-star?

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It is getting worse. On3 just rated him national #63.

Yeah I saw that awhile back. Razorag mentioned before that, since they are a pretty new recruiting source, they probably have more resources devoted to football. Their 2022 and 23 basketball rankings are full of outliers from the other 3 established recruiting services.

The deal with 247’s Bossi indicating one year out that he won’t be a 5-star bothers me much more than On3’s ridiculous ranking. If he’s doing that just on size, then, at 6’2" that seems concerning. There are some really good 6’2" PGs in the NBA. Blocker has improved his 3 point shot this last year and if he continues to do that he should NOT be limited a year out from attaining 5-star rating during, or after,
this coming season.

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Being a high 4-star isn’t anything to be shame of that’s for sure.

He played at a high level this spring and summer but so did a lot of others in front of him.

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That’s actually an improvement … he was in the 70’s earlier on the On3 list … all I know is I’m excited he’s going to be a Hog


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I’m sure he would move him up if he did that. He’s just not projecting that he will. It’s a projection. I think what a lot of us forget is that much of the 5-star rankings are projections on them being first round draft picks. It’s reasonable to say that Blocker may not reach that level at his size and skill. He’s not a polished PG at this point. He’s not an ideal height at SG and hasn’t shown a consistency or complete comfort with outside shooting (his 3P% was good at Sunrise last season, but it was on a low amount of attempts; 34% for the EYBL) yet.

What he has shown is that he’s a very good player, highly explosive and is a straight dog that wills teams to wins.

This is similar to the Kel’el Ware story. Ware appeared to not have an aggressive bone in his body and loafed at times. He got bodied by smaller kids and wasn’t as productive as what we’d expect from a 5-star. But, he was extremely projectable because of his size and skill, and we started to see it come together some this summer.

Point - it’s not always about production. Size and skill have a lot to do with where you’re ranked.

Do I think there’s an argument for Blocker to be a 5-star? Yes. Of course, I want him to be. But, I can also see reason to rank him where he is, too.

Pretty wild. I think they’ll be an outlier compared to the other three services. I think we’ll see him between 25 and 50 in the other rankings.

I took the last part of your post, "There may be a service that puts him there in the 20’s, but I’m pretty confident he won’t be a consensus 5-star. Eric Bossi with 247 has already indicated so." to mean Bossi indicated that he won’t to consider him as a 5-star next year. I didn’t see any “unless he improves in these areas” type statement.

If he meant, he wouldn’t consider him a 5-star now, after the season, spring and summer, that’s fine. I thought the statement removed Blocker from possible 5-star consideration next spring and summer.

Unless my eyes are deceiving me, I see a 5 star. But then again, I have known him since he was in 8th grade and am biased. I trust your judgement.

I don’t think he expects him to do something significant enough to be rated 5-star. That’s typical, as you don’t see a lot of kids like Blocker who have been seen a lot change their positioning much from the last summer evaluation. But, I also think if he goes off the way you indicated (and I don’t think he will), Bossi wouldn’t put it out of question.