Hog Calls: Arkansas offensive targets

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … get-calls/

Really like this feature, as it tells me at a glance where you think the Hogs stand on recruiting at each position.

Thanks Richard, this is great.

One question- is it positioned where the guys at the top are also the coaches top priority, or just that we have the best chance with those guys?

Solely based on where I believe Arkansas stands with the kids at this time. Not necessarily a priority.

Great Job Richard,I really like the RB Jacobs! runs just like his brother! would love for the big OL Morris to go ahead and committ to us I think he could get other OL to do the same.

Ok that’s what I figured, thanks

This is great. Thanks, Richard.

Great stuff RD and thanks for the research and work on it.

Question - do you see anyone on that list committing on the March 9th weekend are close to that date? Just curious.

Good stuff! Thanks Richard!

No Jacolby Criswell in the QBs?

At this time there’s not much to report far as Arkansas and Jacolby. At this time not expecting Arkansas and him to be a match.

Very possible to see a commitment or two to happen. If not later.

Cool…thanks RD!

Great work as usual! I sure wish you were still the face of Arkansas recruiting on the PIG TRAIL! Your presentation is head over hills ahead of Otis.
Thank you for your hard work and professionalism. I have people I know that live out of state that call and ask me what your position is on potential recruits. Your respected by the old timers!

Excellent job RD. Now this is a way to keep us busy tracking recruits & following up later with you.
Definitely some studs in there.