Hog baseball -- pretty crazy stat

I knew we’ve won game 1 a lot in SEC series, but this is pretty incredible.

Maybe a coincidence or just some aberration, but we’ve had some awfully good Friday night pitchers the past 4-5 years. We’ve also had some high quality closers.

As someone once said about Bob Gibson. He’s the luckiest guy in baseball. He’s always pitching when the other team can’t hit.


Interesting stat, thanks, doing that in this conference is a powerful indicator. We sure need to win this LSU series, Huge up or down for remaining season for both teams. Separation time.

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Need to win tonight. I’d like to clinch the series & have a chance to play for a sweep tomorrow. I’d hate to lose and then worry about winning the rubber match. Got to win at home. It’ll be tough on the road at A&M next week.

Now that the hogs have won game 2 the series is in the bag! The half way point of conference play will be in the books! With the hogs out front that’s a plus but it sure isn’t over.
The 4 losses to this point show us all our hogs can beat by anybody! I’m hopping our bull pen becomes solid.
DVH needs to be able to trust several in the bullpen.

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Our bullpen is sure looking strong with Tygart, Taylor, Vermillion, et al. When you put that crew in with our strong starting staff, we look to have a real shot at something special.

Right now our offense needs to catch up with the pitching staff a little bit.

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The first part of the offense improved yesterday cutting the K’s to only 2. Putting ball in play is the first step. There seemed to be a lot of balls that should have left the yard also.
The pitching this weekend is ahead of the offense. Maybe today the offense can explode.

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I’m been impressed lately with my fellow Pine Bluff guy, Starks. He’s had some good innings as of late.


Starks all all the tools to get the job done he just needs some experience on the mound. The same applies to the young man that pitched the second game mid week! Talent isn’t lacking it’s experience.

I was amazed watching the LSU lineup the first time they went through their batting lineup on Thursday. Seemed like about 3 or 4 of their batters had OPS greater than 1. The Hogs have none. Surprising we won the game so handily yesterday.

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