Hog athlete comes out as gay

It was only a matter of time; at any one time, with more than 400 athletes at UA, statistically a few of them will be gay or lesbian. And anyone who has spent any time around the program can confirm that we’ve had gay athletes. But track athlete Matt Young has come out as gay; I got a notice on Google this morning because I follow stories related to the Hogs.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.outsports.com/2019/1/3/1816 … coming-out”>https://www.outsports.com/2019/1/3/18163793/matt-young-arkansas-track-gay-coming-out</LINK_TEXT>

There were LGBTQ Hog athletes when I was there 40 years ago, there have been since and there will be in the future. Young is the first one I know of who came out publicly. His teammates don’t have a problem with it, and the kid can run.

Kudos to the young man… not an easy thing to do even in 2019 ( sadly) but glad he felt comfortable in doing so and pleased to hear he has the full support of his teammates.

People need to be who they are. The more who “come out” make life easier for others. I hate that people are mistreated for anything that’s an inherent characteristic–skin color, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, left-handedness…

Yes, there have been several Razorbacks who have come out privately - football, basketball, etc - but I don’t recall anyone every doing so publicly while in school.

Obviously a big step & the cleared the air so he can fully concentrate on his craft. Having support from team mates & coaches speaks volumes for the program also.

Very true and very well said.

Couldn’t agree more with your first sentence… people need to be who they are. But certainly don’t agree with the notion that homosexuality is an “inherent characteristic”, the same as skin color, gender, ect.

I have no problem with a gay person being gay, any more than I have a problem with any of the dozens of examples one could use to illustrate how an individual’s own choice has made them what/who they are. It’s a shame that certain people have persecuted homosexuals over the years for making the choice to be homosexual. It’s equally shameful that our society has tried so hard to become politically correct to the point of being afraid to say “homosexuality is a choice”.

Nevertheless, kudos to the track program for allowing him to be who he has chosen to be.

If you don’t mind my asking are you straight? If so, can you tell me when you chose to be straight? I’m straight and if you asked me to tell you when I “ chose” to be I’d be lying if I told you a day, or month, or a year. I’ve been attracted to females as long as I can remember and I believe it’s because I was born straight and it’s as natural to me as eating, sleeping, or breathing. My homosexual friends have said its the same for them.


Jackson, does someone have to be in lock-step with your world view to
be deemed a worthwhile human being?

Most narrow minded people I have known are also usually rather shallow.
Would you consider yourself a conformist to the PC mindset?

I guess I don’t understand why it is necessary to make a public statement about your sexual preferences. I happen to prefer good looking, well endowed women. If he wants to snuggle up to another guy, he doesn’t need to let other folks know. Not me. JMVHO

For the same reason pretty much anybody needs to tell us anything about himself or herself.

So that person can be who he or she is.

One of my daughters is straight and one is gay. I love them both and they are both happy, healthy and great and caring people and that’s all I care about.

I don’t even know what the PC mindet is? My mom disagrees with me on this issue, but I consider her to be a wonderful human being.

The reason is because a large segment of society has discriminated against LGBQT people and many continue to do so. As a result, some LGBQT people think it’s helpful when people in the public eye “come out” it because it gives courage to others that are still “in the closet” but wanting to come out.

I think young people that come out like this in the Bible Belt are very courageous. Again, I applaud him for his actions.

This thread has the potential to get political and out of control, so I’m locking it down. I hope you all understand.