Hog and SEC Way Up North

We got back from Alaska last week (if you haven’t been, by all means go. And amazing place). Will not get into a travel log here, but will reveal a few fun events. Took an amazing jet boat ride on a river near Talkeetna. Sat down in my seat and in the seat right in front of me was a red hat with a Razorback Hog on it. The owner was from Hot Springs. Drove a sled dog team. The guy that helped me was from AK but attended UofA and asked about the TX game.

Finally, we boarded our charter in Anchorage to Anvik. We are talking heading to the way back bush country here. I think the plane held around 18 with crew. Before takeoff, the pilot turned around and yelled “Hail State”. To that, 4 people cheered. I just said I did not come all the way up here for that. Got to know the 4 later. They were good folks Greenville and Jackson who have kids at MSU. Really enjoyed them as the rest of the party was from NYC with 2 others from Houston.

Hogs and the SEC are everywhere and are known everywhere. That is always fun.

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Sounds like a great time was had. One of my sisters and her husband visited Alaska six times from their home in Elkhart, IN. They loved it and I think my sis has a couple of thousand pictures taken there.

I spent years traveling across the USA and Canada for my career. And me and the wife have been blessed to travel the world. We were in Turkey (Ephesus) shopping and a guy in a booth saw my Hog shirt walked out and said he had tutored Hog football players on the hill. He was not a native Arkansan but we had a nice visit. I’ve met former (assistant) coaches in airports and dozens of fellow Hog fans.

One day while driving in the Bronx NYC we got behind an SUV with a Razorback sticker. That was a hoot.

This was our 5th trip. Lord willing, there will be more.

Jim, Hail State should’ve lost to my other alma mater, LA Tech. Their pirate coach is in for a long year if they play like this all year.

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