Hockey Hogs now have 22-1 record

Their only loss was a road game at Michigan.

No, we don’t have varsity pucks. We have a club team that plays at the Division III club level. We tried a Division I club for a couple of years but it didn’t work out very well. But at the D-III level we’ve been very good, six-time SECHC champions (which is exactly what it sounds like, the league of clubs from SEC schools).

(Yes, Michigan has varsity hockey, and plays it very well, but it’s not surprising that a school located 45 miles from the Canadian border might also have a few regular students who know a slap shot from a crosscheck).

would like to see that or field hockey added but realize then that another women’s sport or two would also have to be added all with the additional income involved(start-up;facilities;staff,etc.)to satisfy Title IX requirements…don’t know if equestrian riding would be one to consider for the women

Field hockey is a women’s only sport in NCAA. I don’t expect us to add any sports any time soon for either gender. We are already trying to figure out how we’re going to hire a new coach and pay for the stadium and the TV landscape may change when the current contracts run out.

Personally I’d like to add men’s soccer; there’s much more youth soccer in Arkansas and surrounding states than hockey, and Colby Hale has shown you can win with a soccer team at Arkansas. But I don’t expect that either. I’ve often joke that if I win the lottery I’m going to call Hunter Yurachek and say, here’s $25 million for a men’s soccer program, and dare him to turn it down. Of course if he needs to add a women’s sport to do that I’d pay for that too. :grin:

Cannot add men’s hockey without adding a women’s sport. I do not think anyone is adding sports these days.

How about adding men’s hockey and women’s curling? Both on ice just for balance. A couple of years ago I offered to organize a pep band for hockey, and the folks up there were all for it, but I couldn’t get enough players to commit. Too bad, could have been fun.

Curling is not an NCAA sport. But neither is equestrian. There is College Curling USA which puts on a national tournament. However it appears that no one has curling as a varsity sport; it’s club, the same as Arkansas hockey.

think A&M have won NCAA National championships in equestrian…seen it advertised on SEC Network…may be wrong

Nope. Equestrian is run by the National Collegiate Equestrian Association, which is not part of the NCAA. A&M, SoCar and Auburn are all powers in the horsey sport but it’s not an NCAA event.

my apologies…thought that it fell under their jurisdiction

It may come under NCAA jurisdiction eventually. Equestrian is an “emerging sport”, meaning when it gets to 40 schools, NCAA may take over. But right now they’re at 17 schools in D-I, not all of which actually have teams. So it will be a while before they get to 40.

Too bad about curling. Nothing more exciting than watching those stones zipping down the ice while the brooms are being furiously scrubbed in an attempt to alter their course. A fascinating display of physics in action. Real pulse-throbbing action there, eh?

If we add horses, I want races not jumping.

Or polo.