2 in 2 out???

There you go Bake with those innuendos.
Whos out before worry about whos in. Or other way around

It’s me I’m leaving and my ex-nephew 14th generations stat lay-up king. Yes sir we don’t miss but for the greater good of mankind we’re stepping away!!

Who taking your place?

Some talk over the internet that 2 more players to go for an almost complete makeover of the basketball team

2 more players, mercy…

Probably an oh my, not an oh me. At least I hope so.

These posts give me a glimpse into what my dog must feel like when he’s trying to understand what my wife and I are discussing. I just look around at everyone with a complete lost expression of worry–not even knowing what I’m supposed to be worried about. :joy:

Although, I give baked credit: “2 in 2 out???” is better than the dreaded “hmm…” in the actual post.

I’m just ribbing you, baked. You provide a nice service of information to the board.


The word is that Jaylin’s not coming back, and we’re still very actively trying to get another wing player, someone who is preferably a good shooter. So JWill would be one out, if we are able to get another wing player, which is more likely than not, then another player will have to leave also. That’s the current gossip, and it’s probably closer to the truth than not.

According to players…, word is JWill is back.

Sounds like twins may not make it.


I would take that trade

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Thanks for posting and this sounds very possible.

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Good to see you posting, jacksonhog. I would take Williams in a second over the twins and if we have a good shot at another likely contributor so much the better. Intricate gyrations but I trust Muss-the Master-when it comes to setting the table for the best run possible to the FF and more.

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What’s going on with the twins?

On the twins not making it….they still have the option to go elsewhere (even though signed financial aid) if I understand correctly? Is that right?

Thanks Jackson. That’s exactly how I interpreted the “2 in / 2 out” mentioned early in the thread. When we signed Jalen Graham after the twins commited, I had a feeling this might be the end result. The “2 in” are Graham (or perhaps a new portal recruit) and JWill and the 2 out are the twins. Muss signed Graham late and really quickly after he hit the portal. I believe he felt he had to get him and would work out the numbers later.

Personally, I think this worked out great for the Hogs, if it indeed ends up as you suggested!

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No, not quite. JWill is supposedly coming back and apparently Muss is talking to four players that are 2/3 combo players. The two leaving I don’t know. Obviously, JWill and one of the four would be 2 in, and if that happens 2 have to leave. No clue as to who

Aloha Bake,
Was it you or someone else that previously predicted a couple of months ago an entire makeover of the team with approximately 11+ players leaving? If I remember correctly, you received some grief over that claim…which time has proven you to be correct.
UA…Campus of Champions

Why would the twins leave? No way Muss offers them, puts it all over social media, they sign and then he tells them they can’t come???

I don’t believe that if that is what ya’ll are saying.

I never bought into that speculation either. I think both Mitchell twins will be wearing Razorback uniforms next season.

Rumors also floating around coaching staff might be adding 3 more players: a guard, a wing, and a PF type. Take all this with a grain of salt. But if true, i don’t how the math is gonna work out, lol