Hmmm…..when did the Razorbacks become the Razorbacks?

It makes the speech make a little more sense.

This is hilarious on a lot of levels.

Newspapers. Gotta love them.

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I suspect it was a process. I am very familiar with UNT here in Denton. They are officially the Eagles (even built their new stadium with eagle wings), but “Mean Green” is on their uniforms and every other form of school pride. Like many schools. the team color(s) were used, so we were the Arkansas Cardinal (color, not bird). Just like Mean Green, someone started using Razorbacks and it was popular even when the school paper (The Cardinal) and Administration was still using Cardinal. I suspect it was Bezdek’s public shoutout that prompted the Administration to formally change the name, but there were years when the team and students called themselves Razorbacks while the school paper reported on Cardinal scores. Other such oddities happened too. For instance, Alabama’s school color is crimson, so they were the Alabama Crimson. On one stormy night, Bama’s rushing offense couldn’t be stopped, and a reporter wrote that they looked like a Crimson Tide splashing down the field. The team and students started calling themselves the Crimson Tide until the school had to finally change the name, but there were years when Crimson Tide was used but the official name was Crimson.

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The Hugo Bezdek’s designation was based QB Steve Creekmore’s memory recall 50 years after the time of the speech. Kansas played Arkansas twice prior to the LSU win where Bezdek reportedly described the team’s winning effort as similar to a “band of wild razorbacks hogs.” Kansas won both prior contests with a newspaper story from the time describing the Arkansas opponent as the “razorbacks.” This Twitter account refers to the Kansas newspaper story. It should be noted that oral histories are important but written accounts from the time of the event usually trump memory. As with religion, the factual origin is of less importance than the religion’s meaning experienced from the message. We are bonded in spirit as Cardinal Red Razorbacks without too much due diligence regarding the origin required.

It still don’t understand how the Auburn Tiger’s have a EAGLE as a mascot & chant…

The newspaper article for the 6-0 game says that Captain Pooler (Kansas) attempted an 85-yard field goal. He must have had quite a leg!

Steve Creekmore was probably the first great Razorback player. I recall that a southern newspaper at the time had an all-southern team and he was a first teamer on it.

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Daytona, I can tell you exactly how that happened. Back in the day, AU had a star player named Eagle. In one game when the team ran onto the field, Eagle was nowhere to be seen. One fan with the accent only an AU fan can have yelled out “Whar’s Eagle?”. Then the whole crowd picked up on it and repeatedly yelled “Whar’s Eagle, Whar’s Eagle”. The rest is history…

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