Hmm, maybe we shouldn’t forget

… about our RS freshmen (in all the hype about transfers.)

[quote]Joe Craddock
• On quarterbacks: We’ll go back and grade the film. I was proud of all of them. Whole offense started a little slow, but John Stephen got it going. All about consistency and getting your guys in the end zone. John Stephen is the best at getting guys in the end zone right now.

I was thinking the same thing and wondering if he brings the best “consistency” the coaches are looking for right now.

If you’re going to be playing multiple QBs anyway I don’t see why you wouldn’t do a goal line package with your best red zone guy, as long as it’s not one of those deals where as soon as he comes in they know what we’re going to run.

Isn’t he the 3rd team QB, going against the 3rd team defense? Regardless, good for JSJ moving the offense with probably 2nd and 3rd team OL.

I am not surprised by JSJ. He was a very good HS QB at a good program and grew up around folks who know more about football than most of us. Also, he’s been in the program 2 years; that’s more than Hicks and way more than Starkel.

I’m one who thinks Starkle will end of the starting QB by mid season, but I also believe the QB position, whomever lands at the controls, won’t be the issue this season.

I wouldn’t be shocked if JSJ ends up as the starting QB. He knows how to win.

It’s sure good to have some solid options.

I hope we don’t play the qb carousel again like last year…

Actually, he is a red shirt freshman, so he has been at Arkansas one year.

Perhaps it is messaging to the transfers they are not alone in the QB room…