Hmm, going to Lake Charles for work this week

It’s not Vegas, but there are casinos there with a sports book. Might be worth dropping by to put a few bucks on the Hogs Thursday night, possibly watching at the book.

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As famous Arkansawyer Levon Helm would say (I saw his hometown of Turkey Scratch and his childhood home in its new location in Marvell last year), will you be Up in Cripple Creek?

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Not to my knowledge, Bob. But I’ll have Friday afternoon free (no afternoon flights out of LCH that get me home) and I’ve already found a golf course with clubs to rent. Hopefully will be celebrating a Hog victory.

Hope the Hogs have a better basketball game on Thursday than MY golf game. Perhaps they can score in triple digits like I used to do when I played.

Btw, they say that the dogs Labrador Retrievers have the most in common with are Huskies. Not this Thursday, Satch knows who feeds him.

The casino is only like a mile and a half from my hotel. So is their golf course. Might play an afternoon round and then go to the sportsbook.

Good luck had just stung me
To the casino I did go
I bet on the Hogs to win
And for Sonogo to be a no show
Odds were in my favor
I had 'em five to one
And Devo ran 'em in the ground
Sure enough I had won

Up on Cripple Creek, Hogs send me
If I spring a leak, Council mends me
I don’t have to speak, Muss defends me
A drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one


I’ve listened to that song most of my life and never realized it was set in Lake Charles.

Good stuff, guys, good stuff!

Fortunately, if we win, both time slots for Saturday are after my flight home arrives.

Well done Pav. Well done. :sunglasses::+1:

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I cannot imagine INCREASING my anxiety about a Razorback sporting event by adding the possibility of losing money

One of my best friends resides in Lake Charles. Actually, he lives in Sulphur, but works at McNeese. Todd Butler is a senior administrator in the athletic department.

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Boing, boing, boing.

You working at Christus St. Patrick? Once upon a time my wife was a Systems Architect for Christus - Sisters of the Poor have done pretty well. You going to L’Auberge or Golden Nugget? Both are nice

Pavlov, you are top dog, your creative sense of humor always rings a bell and has me salivating.

Well done sir… well done!

Golden Nugget. I’m doing medical research at a freestanding clinic in Lake Charles, so not Christus.

My mom used to compete in talent shows with Levon. She always finished second!

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I remember your saying that. No shame in finishing second to Levon. Just took guitar lessons, and music is definitely not as easy as it looks.

No shame in finishing second in Las Vegas either. But hopefully UConn is no Levon.

Bought my first guitar from Raley’s house of music on Main Street PB cira 1963. Bought a couple more prior to 69 when I graduated HS. Unfortunately I’m not musically inclined but I can play okay. Just don’t practice like my teen years. Still have one beautiful guitar I bought there in 66.

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