HK’s 2 errors

Now two weekends in a row he’s missed routinte pop flies. Neither hurt us, but it’s strange that such a reliable fielder—and often a spectacular one—would drop balls like that. Is there some explanation other that, “stuff happens?”

Does anyone think he may be a DH the next two years, or maybe first base? Seems like every hit out to left is an adventure, big play maybe, drop a routine pop maybe. Or… how about this, move him to right field where sun is less of an issue.

He closed his glove just as the ball landed. Both errors I believe were followed with productive plates appearances, but still…

Keep in mind, this guy is still just a Freshman and these are
some big moments to find yourself in. Freshmen tend to have
a few of those WOW plays (like the stolen homer against Dallas
Baptist) and they also have those (WTF happened moments). I’m
not worried about him at all as he has certainly had many many
more WOW moments than the few WTFs. Most unusual for a true
freshman, thus he was on the SEC Freshman team.

doesn’t look comfortable at all like its in his mind.


SEC freshman of the year!!!

And you guys are replacing him?!?!?!???

Unbelievable! :joy::joy:

It happens. He will be fine

I hope we get five more coming in next year just like him…

He has played awesome! A couple of drops changes nothing. He will be a beast on this team the remainder of this year and the next 2 years! I wish we had 15 more just like him!