HK goes 5 for 5 as Team USA clinches series vs. Chinese Taipei … =216631700

Love to see that swing. Beautiful. And, I like seeing him bust a lefty pitcher. The second hit in that sequence was a pitch down and he went down and still elevated it. Lefty hitters have a knack for doing that against righthanders. Don’t miss there with Heston.

It’s weird…left-handed golfers look awkward with the swing, but left-handed baseball batters all look fluid and graceful.

Ken Griffey, Jr. and Will Clark had two of the most beautiful swings ever…smooth and powerful.

I loved to listen to Will Clark…he was like a jaybird…always yacking in that high-pitched shrill. He was a dandy.

I never thought Phil Mickelson looked awkward swinging the golf club. So fluid and so powerful.

You are right about Will Clark. And, Mickey Mantle was great from either side.

My Uncle Travis Henry was decent righthander, but he mashed lefthanded. Fun to watch.