Hjalte Froholdt


Let’s hope he has a good season and is injury free! he will be the elder statesmen on the Oline.

NFL career lays ahead for him and I expect to see his very best effort as he has done every day since he became a Razorback!! WPS

I thought I read in a single article that he was being moved to center after the spring.

I was shocked to read that, and expected a flurry of message board discussion, but no one ever brought it up.

which makes me think I mis-read something, or dreamed it. sometimes my job has me awake up to 40 hours at a time and my brain and get pretty fuzzy, lol

I had also just talked to the dad of one of our centers, and they had been given wonderful feedback about their sons center play, so I really think i must have made this up.


Froholdt is being cross-trained at center, but I do not think he will be moved away from his full-time role at guard.

Holden, you didn’t dream that. I posted it, citing a comment Chad Morris made when he spoke at the Dallas Razorback Club last week. I thought it would stir up some discussion, too, but it didn’t. I think it will be interesting to see how far the coaches take his “cross-training “.

Seems to me that BB also did some cross-training, but it didn’t get much notice because we couldn’t block anybody at any position. :oops:

I like it Swine!

Not uncommon for linemen to know multiple positions on the interior line. It’s a way of keeping your best men on the field when an injury occurs to one or more of them.