Hjalte Froholdt

Went back and watched OL

Hjalte Froholdt has to be the most improved player on the team. You can see he recognizes things faster and is playing with confidence.

Wonder if he will get some all SEC votes this year

impressive. i remember everyone saying he just needed to learn the position…

looks like a success story

Wait…isn’t his coach Kurt Anderson? How could an exchange student from Scandinavia come in and learn to play football and be a Dlineman for a few years, then switch to Oline and succeed with KA that some think is such a terrible coach?

Froholdt is not nearly what he’s going to be down the road. Yes, he’s better, but he’s going to be even better in another year or two. I know that at some point he runs out of years. But I think where he’ll be in year two of the NFL – and I think he’ll get to the NFL – is going to be spectacular.

line play has fallen below expectations
lots of negativity about it
justified too

which is why its nice to see and make note of a bright spot.

We have two VERY bright spots on our OL.

I think CBB trusted Pittman to recruit and considered Pittman to be beyond concern. CBB may have also discounted the friendship of Pittman and Chaney and how Pittman would pout about Chaney’s forced exit. Pittman let recruiting slip his last year. CBB hired an NFL assistant which meant he had NO recruiting network to save the recruiting class. KA’s first class was bad and this class has been bolstered by blue shirt Ty Clary. I think we have 2 wasted years in Oline recruiting and now KA is having to deal with a lack of talent.

The best way to fix it is sign JUCO LT and RT

He was always physically strong, but obviously continues to add strength. Now, you can tell he knows what he’s doing. Very few busts. He’s been highly impressive.

I certainly agree, and I also concur with our having a really good center next to him. Now I also submit that we have one (and possibly two, though they are rarely on the field at the same time) fullbacks that are very good blockers. Add to all of that a tight end who excels at blocking. This brings up the question in my mind of why we cannot consistently make 2, 3, or 4 yards every time with a quick running play in the deep “red zone” to the left of the center? Comments?

Defenses load up and run blitz, so it can be a numbers game. They’ve had trouble sealing the edges with tackles and some of the non-Cantrell tight ends.

Obviously they did a really nice job mixing it up in the red zone against A&M. I’d expect that kind of creativity moving forward against good competition.

Plays seem to take a long time to develop down there. got to be mush quicker. Austin takes the ball back to the running back. That takes time. I remember Frank saying never take the ball backwards on the goal line.

While you take a step or two backward, those nasty minded defenders are a step or two closer. That’s not a good thing.

I think it will be interesting to see how much we can do against USCe defense which has not had to deal with a Pro Style play action offense. This is our first away game and we need to win this one badly with Bama and AU following. Our TE’s may make the difference in this game, since this game may be the one we show some wrinkles to gain an advantage.