we have not hit well in the last 3 games. a couple of players have come through each game until last night. what i see is a bunch of whining at the plate. haven’t seen us all year taking so many strikes, especially strike 3 pitches. i don’t know if we are all trying to hit the home run ball, or if their pitchers are that good, but our hitting coach needs to get our guys to put better swings on the ball. players coming to the dugout complaining continuously. quit whining. koch has had one good hitting game period. cole has disappeared. you know pretty early on what each umpire is going to call a strike, adjust to it… if he’s calling an outside ball a strike, you cannot take that pitch especially on a strike 3 pitch. adjust and swing, we have the talent.

one more attempt tonight. pitching for us has been awesome. time for hitters to step up. i hope we aren’t so disappointed from last night we are drained of energy. as van horne said, this isn’t death, its baseball.

love this team, they have been fun to watch and i am proud of our team, win or lose. we are the underdog now, everyone expects osu to win it. lets show them what razorbacks are about tonight. go hogs