Hitting with runners in scoring position

I knew we had struggled hitting with runners in scoring position but I did not realize it was as bad as it is. I saw elsewhere that we are last in the league with a .217 average which is 19 points lower than anybody else and 56 points lower than the league average of .273. We also only score 45% of the time with runner on third in less than 2 outs which is absolutely terrible. I think it all goes back to plate discipline, take way too many hittable pitches and swing at way too many pitches that are not close to the strike zone. We better figure it out or we won’t be going anywhere this year.

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We’re due to improve that stat. I think we will. Too much talent to have that a season long issue.

I like this team. I like our chances closing out this year. My former boss always told me “it’s not how you start but how you finish”. Go Hogs


Got to seize the opportunity. Hit that first good pitch. Don’t take it.


How much does Nate Thompson need to reflect on his hitting coaching?
His swinging for the fences style seems to be leading to an untenable number of pop ups and worthless fly balls.
Robert is suffering the most from it.
Clay’s statement about watching FAR too many pitches right down the gut of the plate means either they can’t recognize pitches or are guessing, wrongly, rather than the old timey thinking look fast ball and react to breaking pitches.
Last night it was not the fact that they left runners on base, but how lost half the lineup looked during some very ugly at bats.
This is not bad luck as it is sometimes sold.
A return to hitting fundamentals seems needed.


That went both ways last night. Pitchers night. It’s called getting fooled when pitchers have good command.

Yeah I’ve been preaching that all year long but very few of them do . Moore jumped on the first pitch in the 9 th and came within a foot of hitting it out would have been long gone earlier in the day with that 20 mph wind blowing out

There were some ball hit hard by our hogs that were just caught last night.
With runners at 2nd and 3rd and no outs the hogs couldn’t put the ball in play. Heck couldn’t even hunt.
The defense and pitching allowed 1 bad inning but you should win when the other teams scored 2 runs period. Our hogs need to get their act together.

I do to Danny but we have to realize this is over half the year gone by and we really haven’t changed offensively that much. Just my opinion but I would like to see Gregory leading off as many pictures he takes and gets on base I would put Wallace hitting third behind slavens

I would have Leach in the lineup and figure out who to sit!

You guys crack me up. MERCY. :rofl:

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Numbers remain long after opinions have been forgotten. That L in our first game is all too real. One run will definitely not win many games.


This team should be in the top 5 and lead the SEC west and not… oh wait, never mind… :rofl:


It is that simple…but it’s not our strategy.

Correct because in the SEC you may not get too many of those good pitches.
But just like that Aggie reliever yesterday he was serving up those hanging curves early in counts and getting called strikes.
Moore did blast 1 on a first pitch from the starter .

Modern baseball is swing for fences. Strikeouts are up.

Big strike zone last two days. Hitters can’t take much. But it was that way for Aggies, too. Hottest slugging team in SEC west scored 3 runs in two games. Two homers were the difference.

Clay I understand big swing issue but it is still a team game. I do not understand with runners on 2nd and third and no outs why no attempt at small ball. This my 48th year coaching baseball. We have players who are not regular game players. They work hard daily on bunting skills for these situations and they take pride in having this role.

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I don’t see much of that any more. It’s been phased out of game. You don’t see it much in college. You and me don’t understand but the analytics say play it different.

There’s an old saying that says fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me…well those analytics have fooled us way more times than twice…We have proven time and time again that we can’t seem to come up with the big hit with runners on third in less than 2 outs…Dave might start following davealytics and start playing a lot more small ball like he used to and let’s start getting some of these runs home instead of watching strikeouts and pop ups. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we start seeing more of that. I have a feeling he’s getting tired of watching us not produce… I have seen that cost Atlanta Braves a lot of World series in the past waiting for the three-run Homer instead of playing some small ball to get in a key run.

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Youdaman you are correct. If my data analysis reflects I am below the norm on the particular data assessment it would be an indication that in that particulation situation I probably not going to be successful doing what the top end of the norm can do. Sam Pitman does not run the same play over and over if it never gets positive yardage.