Hit for Bonfield!

Really needed that! Needed that RBI as well!

I’ve stated this several times, but I don’t think Bonfield is slumping nearly as bad as some on this board would lead you to believe. He had a bad night last night and a good today. That has kind of been the pattern with him for a few weeks - high highs and low lows.

That was great to see Luke get a hit in that spot but c’mon man. Look at the numbers. He’s been struggling big time for awhile now.

He isn’t slumping as badly as Koch and Biggers. But those 2, unlike Luke, play key defensive positions so they’re given more leeway.

Bonfield is what he is. He’s a guy that gonna hit around .300, have an OBP wel over .400 and have a little pop with a slugging % in the .500-.600 range.

He takes much better at bats than he’s given credit for taking. By that I mean he isn’t stepping in with an all or nothing, drop and drive swing that usually results in a pop up or K but results in a few more homers.

He knows the zone, works couns, gets on base a lot and has more key hits than he’s credited for having. He had 2 RBI hits, today and yet he’s the one who was yanked and is still the object of scorn for some.

On a deep, left-handed heavy team like this there’s plenty of room for a RH hitter with some pop who gets on base a lot.

But, for whatever reason he’s the guy that draws the most ire even though others are playing worse. It’s odd. Jake’s response is a perfect example. Koch and Biggers have been killing them and, yet it’s only Bonfield that gets the “cmon man”'s.

If you look at he #s, as he suggests, Bonfield hasn’t been any worse than Koch and Biggers the last several weeks.