History kinda repeats itself

On this day 50 years ago Georgia was upset in the Sugar Bowl by another team from the old SWC.

I was there. One of our best games ever and it set up the '69 season

Lived in GA at the time. That 16-2 win gave me great pleasure as I dealt with those snobbish Dawg fans.

I,too, was there and sat directly behind one end-zone about 20-30 rows up. Lot of action!

Watched on TV and enjoyed every minute.

I was there and I loved every minute of it. Very little sleep during those

I watched it on TV. It was a great win. Montgomery-Dicus bomb for the TD. The UGA defense was highly touted & we were decided underdogs. Montgomery got his shoulder hurt (by an intentional effort of a UGA defender) in that game. I’m not sure his arm was ever quite the same after that even though he still had a great career as the Ark QB.

We were a better program than Georgia in the 60’s & 70’s. We beat them again in the 1976 Cotton Bowl–31-10–after trailing 0-10 to start the game. Back then a 10-pt deficit was harder to overcome than it is today when rule changes, etc favor the offense. (We should have beaten UGA in the Liberty Bowl in about 1986 (?). We lost when a bad punt by UGA late in the game hit one of our up men & UGA recovered the “fumble” and scored.)