Historical note for the Chicken Littles

Going back to October 1981. Started the month by blowing an 11-point lead in the last five minutes and losing to TCU in Fort Worth, our first loss to the Frogs literally in my lifetime.

Two weeks later: Arkansas 42, Texas 11. At the time the worst blowout loss ever by a #1 ranked team which had just demolished Oklahoma 34-14.

Point being: Football teams change every week. The team that goes out Saturday night in Oxford will not be the same one that played PSU Saturday, or that will play the Aggies in three weeks. Won’t be the same Ole Miss team either. Either one could be a lot better or a lot worse.

By the way, that 1981 Texas team finished 10-1-1 and #2 in the polls after beating Bama in the Cotton Bowl. But that day in Fayetteville they were terrible (seven turnovers and a punt snap over the punter for a safety) and we were great.

So what happened yesterday does not mean 1-11, or 0-8 again. Each week is a separate entity, and one game does not affect the next.


I remember seeing Frank’s first team lose to TCU at Amon Carter in1958, We played well but lost. Then it was 1981 before they beat us again.

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Exactly. Fred Akers kicked a field goal in '59 to beat them 3-0, I was born in 1960. That Saturday night in '81 was the first loss to TCU in my lifetime. The Frogs scored with about four minutes left, recovered the onside kick and scored again.

Can you imagine all the screaming on this board if we won a game 3-0? You guys would have Craddock fired by the end of the first quarter,

Swine that is a great factoid, but the coach we had then was miles better than the one we have now.

We only know he was good because of what he did after his first couple of seasons. We won’t know about Morris for awhile, either. (Of course, that excludes you. You already know. How you know, I don’t know, but I am certain you are certain.)

Recruiting looks pretty good so I’m willing to give him another year or two before I make a “he’s the guy or he’s not the guy” decision. It’s clear our O-line has a long way to go again. Portland State was getting too much penetration. He may have to tweak his coaching staff a bit. I’ll give the D credit - they are coming along nicely. I was vocally against the Chief hire but I can say from what I’ve seen so far I was wrong.

Hard to compare the SEC to the SWC of the late 50s and early 60s. As my dad said, “The SEC is like playing Texas every week.” Recruiting is the key. It always is the key. One of the things that was interesting of that era is that it was much easier to turn things around in recruiting. You could and did bring in 50 to 60 new players every August. They had to trim that quickly before the start of school. I’m not sure what the number was that you could carry once school started, but they did have to trim. Now you can bring in 25, or whatever brings you to 85 without going over 25?!It’s a whole different deal.

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Great post Swine. I know we live in a results-based society, but sometimes progress has to be judged with the eye. And it was plain to see how much more talented we are on defense. Its pronounced. Now, I know people focus on offense…and we weren’t impressive offensively to say the least. But last year we were bad on bth sides of the ball. I think Chief may just get this defense all the way to “good” sooner than later.

And you are right…nest week will be a new week for both our Hogs and Ole Miss. who know’s how it will unfold.

Defense is easier to fix. Talent trumps experience more there than offense although maturity is important there, too.

Chief kept telling me his group was better this year because of understanding scheme. He said they will be able to cut loose and play faster because there won’t be as much thinking.

The offense was bad yesterday. Boyd is a good back who would be the featured back on most SEC teams. Quarterback play was not good. Hicks did not impress at all in the passing game. SEC defenses will get the interceptions that PSU narrowly missed. Starkel clearly has a much better arm, but he made some mental errors ( pick, poor time management at the end of first half ). The coaches need to get him ready to play. Hicks does not have the skills to be a winning SEC quarterback. The offense earned a D-.

The defense was better. We won’t know how much better until we play SEC teams, but I think that they will be clearly better… The defensive backs showed more speed and showed improved ball skills. The d line and linebackers are solid and can get better. Overall, the defense earned a B-.

Special teams were good They did not make any major mistakes and showed that Warren on kickoffs and Burks on punt returns can be explosive.
Special teams earned a solid B.

This game shows that we have to get much better to be a mid pack SEC team. I think that we can be better than we have been, but it needs to happen now.

Quarterback play was bad. Maybe Morris can checkout the flag football qb’s in intramurels and
talk one of them into walking on.

You are right Clay, some of those rosters were 150 and a scholarship was a 4 year deal.
Title 9 was a big factor and nothing is the same as it was in the 50’s. Another factor in roster size was smaller schools rightfully complaining that the bigger schools took players they knew most likely would not play much but it kept them from developing on smaller school squads.

Depends on who we were playing. In the 1950’s, TCU won or shared 4 SWC titles and boasted several All America players (Bob Lilly, Jim Swink, etc). WE were the underdogs in both 1958 and 1959! Under those circumstances, ANY kind of victory is welcome.

But I do get your point.

0-8 it was. Luckily, 1-11 it was not

Sometimes the eyes don’t lie - they said we sucked and indeed we did!

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