"Historic athletic era" at UA

From ESPN.com


ESPN hates us!

Great article, Jeff! Thanks for posting.

Never mind that the win over Gonzaga that he references hadn’t happened yet, within the context of the anecdote he is relating…I’ll allow it…overall, a fantastically positive article on our programs in Fayetteville.


Yeah, I noticed that, too. But what a great positive article, so the mistake is way forgivable.

Kinda reminds me of this classic moment from Animal House…

Aloha Jeff,
Thank-you once again for bringing great material to the Board. You and Wiz are invaluable in consistently bringing quality content to share with all of us.
As for the article, as CEM previously stated, “UA is a campus of champions “.
I previously asked the UA Athletic Department Marketing folks twice to market “UA…Campus of Champions” but never got a response. Even though it’s true and was first stated by CEM.
UA…Campus of Champions

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