Hiring Process

Insiders, the last coaching search seems to have been entirely in JL’s hands. In the past we have had committees which included former players; we have hired search firms, and as mentioned the AD alone made the call. Have there been any rumors or talks that indicate how the next coach would be hired if indeed BB is dismissed or resigns?

Regardless of sport, I don’t remember Jeff using a search committee for any hire since he has come to Arkansas. Based on what I’ve been told and observed, he consults with his aides (the senior associate ADs) in the process.

Who exactly are those people he consults with? Who is in Long’s inner circle?

His inner circle within the department consists of Matt Trantham, Chris Freet, Jon Fagg, Clayton Hamilton, Julie Cromer Peoples and Derita Ratcliffe.

The Committee approach was John White’s along with the rule that the candidate had to come to Fayetteville for an interview, that’s how we got Houston. The right way to do it is all behind the scenes, you can have all the people you need advising you, but nothing has to be public until you make the announcement. That protects all parties.

And if John White hadn’t made ridiculous statement that prospective new coach had to interview in Fayetteville which no existing HC would do, we would have gotten TT instead of HDN!

Possible, but it’s also very possible that that would have been the wrong hire. For one thing, I am convinced Wingnut would have jumped ship at the first better offer, just as he did a year later to go to Auburn. Tuberville is an Arkansan, sort of, but he’s not a Hog. He has no loyalty to anyone but himself. Nutt rubbed people the wrong way, but he stayed here at least twice when he had opportunities to leave, until the fan base pushed him out the door.

Well, if I’m Jeff Long I’m not putting my confidence in a search committee. I’m selecting my own head coach like he should. To me he has the capability to pick the right guy. His last two football hires have been good ones. Petrino screwed up not Long and Bielema just hasn’t worked out.

Jeff Long may have hired Mike Anderson, but there were a lot of former players (big name players) that really pushed him to hire Mike. Jeff Long basically gave in to them.

Jeff Long tried to hire Jim Grobe and Tommy Bowden before Coach Petrino asked for the job. He also hired Dave Wandstedt at Pitt. That is scary even if it is near Halloween. Jeff appears to be a very polished AD, but this hire is too important to leave in the hands of one man. I wish he would lean on a couple of knowledgeable former Razorbacks to give him some help. A guy like Bruce James knows Southern football as well as most anyone, He know the landscape down here and could give Jeff some very intelligent help.

I continue to be amazed and baffled that Jeff Long gets blamed for people he didn’t hire, like Jim Grobe, and gets no credit for who he did hire, a coach that half the fan base is still drooling for, one Robert Petrino. It doesn’t matter that Petrino fell in his lap. Lou Holtz fell in Frank Broyles’ lap too. The point is he hired him and then had the guts to fire him when that became necessary, instead of turning a blind eye to his shenanigans like Tom Jurich did.

The “Good Ole Boy” mentality is overwhelming in Arkansas. I can’t tell you how many times Jeff Long has been called a “Yankee”

I haven’t heard that word used since a rerun of Beverley Hillbillies aired last summer. The one’s that want Jeff gone have their sights set on a Mark Richt or Bobby Petrino but may end up with Louisiana Tech’s HC (Tennessee) or Colorado St (Florida) and both of those programs have won BCS trophies in the last 20yrs…

Allow the man who’s last 2 Football hires were thought to be home runs to do his job…or let Jim-Bob lead you…