Hiring of Mussleman attracts prospect's attention

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … rospect-s/

Found it very noteworthy that we now have top 100 players reaching out to us for interest and not necessary the other way around.

Sounds like we have a really strong chance with this fella.

Basketball recruiting efforts seem to have really changed. We are giving out more offers and are on more top-ranked kids…a game changer it appears. The real proof, of course, is actually signing better players, but it is fun watching all this activity.

Richard, you probably have answered this, but how do you analyze our recruiting efforts under Coach Musselman so far?

There has been more activity under Muss, but at the same time he’s having to play catch up so that can account for some of it. That said I do believe he’s been more aggressive and will continue to be that way. I see him swinging for the fences and if he can’t land the high school guys he wants he’ll continue to be very aggressive in the transfer market.

I’m not expecting to see him going after many JC guys.

Curious about the “no JC guys” comment above. Aren’t they the original graduate transfer? Proved themselves elsewhere, some experience, immediately eligible. Is the 3-4 years of play at a D-1 school that much better than 1-2 years at a JC?

You usually have better comp on the DI level. I think you can have more confidence in those guys.