Hire Venables and he keeps Enos........................

…and let Enos pick his O-line coach. With a decent O-line, Enos has proven that he can field a very effective balanced offense. Keep Lunney and Smith too. Fill the rest of the assistant positions with great Texas recruiters. That would allow more carry-over offensively and bring in a totally new regime defensively. JMVHO

Surely you know that’s not how it works. The new coach is going to have his own plan and going to surround himself with assistants and support staff that he knows and trusts. I can’t imagine there are many coaches who would accept an ultimatum that says they have to keep a third of the previous coach’s staff intact.

Matt, I agree. I know think any assistant coach will be retained… maybe Barry Lunney believe of his Arkansas high school ties.

If Venables comes I imagine he will run a high octane, up to date offense.

Enos, who is a mediocre playcall at best, and runs a pro style offense, will hit the road, just like the rest of the staff not named lunney or Smith.

We need an offense that makes us multiple, deceptive, stops the time wasting drop backs and predictable play calling.

No thanks.

I’m sure Brent Venables would love to come here without the ability to hire his own OC.

My god people…

The reason Enos was Kirby Smart’s first choice for OC and Chaney was his second is, like many defensive oriented head coaches, Smart prefers his defense working with a power oriented pro style offense. Fewer turnovers, longer drives, etc. gives the defensive a better chance to succeed. Kirby could very well be headed to the playoff if his team can play well this Saturday. Venables might very well like the idea, just like Kirby does, of the kind of offense Enos put on the field the previous two seasons before the O-line floundered this season. I was not saying anyone would dictate this to Venables. I was trying to say he might like that idea. Bielema failed because of poor recruiting, not because his offensive system can’t work like it is doing at Georgia, at Wisconsin, at Stanford, etc.

Yea Matt, I know. When I said “…he keeps Enos…” that doesn’t mean we make him do it. That would be his idea.

Thats not how this works… Thats not how any of this works :lol:

In order for that offense to work, you have to be able to consistently or recruit the likes of LSU, Bama, and Georgia. Who are able to run it because of their recruiting.

Other than than that you have to have an offense that manipulates their defense. We do not recruit well enough to rely on that offense. I see where you are coming from, I just disagree.

Georgia is in the MOST fertile recruiting area of all schools. They also run a different much less under center offense than enos.

Enos and his offense are just not a good recipe for success in the SEC. In a league with less elite DL, maybe.

Something to remember about Venables, he has been part of teams that are running variations of the spread for many years, both at Clemson and Oklahoma. I would assume that influences what he wants to implement, especially seeing how successful it has been for both teams. It also means his relationships are with offensive coaches that run that style.

I think there is a fear by some that a defensive coordinator won’t be able to put together a good offensive staff. I would point to the staffs Bob Stoops put together when he got to Oklahoma, of which Venables was a part. It included Mike Leach, Mark Mangino, Kevin Sumlin, Kevin Wilson and others who are or were relevant on that side of the ball.

If the new coach does that He’ll be fired in 3 years. So we’re gonna keep 1/3 of the staff that just help get the CBB ran out of town…Thanks, but no thanks to that plan.

who won at Baltimore based on defense, his high flying O never materialized. Coaching circles in many sports are full of the same story. Venables will not magically make us a good D, nor will our O be ignored. Recruiting might be alright even if early signing day is media judged a flub.

I recognize Ben is a great media pic and recruits well, but please get us a SC and coach who puts out warriors on the field not in the weight room. Saban on down all know that SC is the most important staff member there is on any campus.

Who has the best SC connection should sit high on the list of determinants of whom we can sign.

I was clear on the OP about Enos, not that Venables or anyone would agree to any such stipulations. Enos has had success here and earlier, but is he or can he bond with Enos?? Not much that I would like to carry over from the BB philosophy or ways of running a team. If it came to Lunney and his AR connections or a same position coach with STRONG tX ties, then who do you hire??

lol…did you post this on “your wall”?

You just have to recruit as well as Wisconsin (remember them beating LSU last year) which Bielema did not do but it should be possible with a better recruiter as head coach. If CBB had continued the improved recruiting that occurred the first years of his regime, he would still be the coach.

That’s not correct.

If we were in the big ten then maybe, ask Bret how the SEC is a whole different level than Big ten. We also recruit better than Wisconsin almost yearly.

I’m good with hiring Venables. After that I step back and let the man fill his staff with the guys he wants. If that includes Dan Enos, so be it. I suspect he has other people in mind.

I think it is a legitimate concern, yeah the guys you named are successful coaches offensively, but Malzahn, Norvell, and Morris bring their playbook. I think that is an advantage.

Really? Explain how Wisconsin is undefeated, one win away from the BCS playoff, beat LSU last year, and they have former players as the highest paid OT, G, & C in the NFL. For whatever reason, we don’t recruit now and haven’t recruited during the CBB era as well as Wisconsin did with and after Bielema. Wisconsin recruit class rankings are no better than ours and way below the “standards” of the elite teams in the SEC. If SEC teams were clobbering them, you could claim “they just play in a weaker league”, but that has not been the case.

clean house or drain the swamp as people say now.

If you do that, you have got to allow that to be done completely without complaint.

That’s AD, assistants, support staff, players and recruits.

You don’t get to pick and choose.