Hint about Dorian Gerald?


Nice switcheroo. Smoke & mirrors won’t cut it in the SECW

Video doesn’t show him talking on the phone?

If he does that to start the first game of the season from a helicopter I’m sold!

#Razorswat #Razortactical

DG just tweeted (in reference to the “game changer on stage” phone call)

“Shhh :shushing_face: it’s a secret :joy::joy::joy:

Seen that!!

It would be a huge player to land. That would be a perfect way to start off Friday headed into the weekend.

I guess that is ok. Haven’t seen Sabin do stunts like that. Win and then talk about it. Saw to much talk and stuff the last several years and few wins. Prove it first. now, if we want to drop a bunch of 5*s down on the stage----.

Richard, do you think CCM might offer the WR from Okla that was “left at the alter”? I think he was listed as a 3-star. An article I read, he was hoping OU, OSU or Ark would offer. Thank

I tend to agree, but our brand is in the tank. It’s obvious he and his staff are trying to create buzz with kids through things like this, aggressive social media branding, etc. I bet we’ll also see a lot of chrome helmets and uniform variations.

Unlike Saban he can’t say “come here because we win” because we’ll…we haven’t. We are viewed by kids as perinneal losers. So, as he works to build this thing he’s doing all he can to create buzz about a program that has been anything but a winner for a long time.

Why is it some fans gripe about everything our coaches do. Anymore, it is DARNED if they do and DARNED if they don’t. If it gets some excitement going durning this off season that is a good thing. Whose to say it may be picked up and shown across the country, it could get our foot in the door of a future recruit somewhere. The more pub. we get the better.

I’ve watched that video several times. It sure looks like a stunt double and that Morris is one of the ones who comes out with the police officers.

Good post.

It blew up on twitter. I live in Atlanta and the Atlanta Constitution Journal was retweeting it.

This is a little bit more fiuld than I thought.

So there’s no reason to get our hopes up around 5 pm?

After watching it and slowing it down several times, I agree with you, Matt. A man dressed identical to CCM comes out with the police officers and they huddle. It sure seems like a switch took place. Could be wrong but …

the guy who dropped down looked like he was at least 6’6"

He used EASTERN as his signing time. That should tell you all you need to know. I saw that last night but didn’t want to be a Debbie Downer.

So…you don’t think the fact that he’s in the Eastern Time Zone (SC) plays a role in using the word Eastern as his signing time?

My bad. I thought he was on the west coast.