Hilarious As Always

SEC Shorts - Defense tries to win back Ole Miss

Those shorts are always good…and spot on.

It is fun to watch them make fun of other teams, but then I remember where we stand in the SEC universe…out there near Pluto. It Pluto still a planet?

That girl is so pretty and funny.

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It’s pretty easy to find material on the Hogs. But these folks have the talent to put together hilarious pieces on everyone from Bama on down.

Just so good and they always seem to be close enough to spot on to make it meaningful. They also have talent for what they do.

Been waiting for then to come back to us soon and something like our glorious 3 win season. Sort of backed off kicking the weak dog. More fun to polk fun at programs that play SEC football.

These clips are alway’s great!

They have a real talent for this stuff.

I googled those guys. Robert Clay is an Auburn fan and Josh Snead is an Alabama fan, so they are SEC boys. Snead, the little guy, is just funny. He is a natural in front of the camera.

They need to write a sitcom. As bad as network TV is today, I can see them making their mark.

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