Highly talented kids on the sideline!

Not buying there are that many (and there are others to add to the list) “Mis-evaluations” or not living up to star rankings. 1 or 2 every now and then OK but that many at one time there is something else. I don’t think their are getting great coaching/development.

My biggest gripe with KA is that he is like a kid with a kaleidoscope…always changing. Every other day let’s move him here and him there. Never mind he is working hard and comfortable at guard so let’s move him to tackle or vice versa, etc. The line never gets to play together for an extended period and develop some cohesion. Don’t get too used to the guy next to you because it will change…perhaps frequently. I know the explanation is “trying to get the best 5 on the field.” But who is choosing the “best”?

I agree. I absolutely refuse to believe these guys can’t figure it out. Some? Sure. But not many 4 star guys, its in the coaching.

KA is in over his head

I love the fact the you implicitly believe some magazine salesman who put a star rating on a kid because Alabama sent him some letters, over a coach who played at Michigan and has been coaching for more than 10 years including two in the NFL. Maybe we should hire Scout’s head star-giver to coach our team. On second thought, he probably makes so much money off all the rectruitniks that we can’t afford him.

Got that right, Hollywood.